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What do deep sea trenches do?

What do deep sea trenches do?

Ocean trenches are steep depressions in the deepest parts of the ocean [where old ocean crust from one tectonic plate is pushed beneath another plate, raising mountains, causing earthquakes, and forming volcanoes on the seafloor and on land.

What are deep ocean trenches quizlet?

Deep Ocean Trench. underwater canyon where oceanic crust bends downward and sinks into the mantle.

Where are deep sea trenches found?

the Pacific Ocean
There are about 50,000 kilometers (31,000 mi) of oceanic trenches worldwide, mostly around the Pacific Ocean, but also in the eastern Indian Ocean and a few other locations. The greatest ocean depth measured is in the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench, at a depth of 11,034 m (36,201 ft) below sea level.

What is an example of a deep trench?

The deepest valley on Earth is an ocean trench called the Challenger Deep, which is part of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific near Guam. The deepest point of the Challenger Deep is 36,070 feet below the ocean surface. That makes it over 7,000 feet deeper than Everest is tall.

How are deep-sea trenches formed?

In particular, ocean trenches are a feature of convergent plate boundaries, where two or more tectonic plates meet. At many convergent plate boundaries, dense lithosphere melts or slides beneath less-dense lithosphere in a process called subduction, creating a trench.

What happens in the trenches?

Disease and ‘shell shock’ were rampant in the trenches. With soldiers fighting in close proximity in the trenches, usually in unsanitary conditions, infectious diseases such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid fever were common and spread rapidly.

How are deep sea trenches formed?

How are deep sea trenches formed quizlet?

Ocean trenches are deep sections of the ocean where an oceanic plate is usually sinking below a continental plate. How are they formed? They are formed in the subduction zone as the denser oceanic plate is subjected under the continental plate.

Why are ocean trenches important?

The place where the densest plate that is subducted is what is known as a subduction zone. This process makes things geological and dynamic elements. Many of these ocean trenches are responsible for numerous earthquakes at sea.

How is a deep sea trench formed?

What caused the Mariana Trench to form?

The Mariana Trench was formed through a process called subduction. Earth’s crust is made up of comparably thin plates that “float” on the molten rock of the planet’s mantle. While floating on the mantle, the edges of these plates slowly bump into each other and sometimes even collide head-on.

What were trenches made of?

Trenches in WWI were constructed with sandbags, wooden planks, woven sticks, tangled barbed wire or even just stinking mud. British soldiers standing in water in a trench.

What is the deepest trench in the ocean?

Southern Ocean. Southern Ocean,also called Antarctic Ocean,body of salt water covering approximately one-sixteenth of Earth’s total ocean area.

  • Physiography. The Southern Ocean covers 8,479,000 square miles (21,960,000 square km),and it holds 17,226,000 cubic miles (71,800,000 cubic km) of water.
  • Hydrology and biological resources.
  • What is the definition of deep ocean trench?

    deep-sea trench, also called oceanic trench, any long, narrow, steep-sided depression in the ocean bottom in which occur the maximum oceanic depths, approximately 7,300 to more than 11,000 metres (24,000 to 36,000 feet). They typically form in locations where one tectonic plate subducts under another.

    What is the deepest trench in the world?

    – Manila Trench, – East Luzon Trench, – Negros Trench, – Sulu Trench and – Cotabato Trench.

    What are the names of the ocean trenches?

    Sunlight Zone

  • Twilight Zone
  • Deep Ocean (which is often divided into 3 layers: Midnight zone,the Abyss and the Trenches)