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What DJ equipment does Pauly D use?

What DJ equipment does Pauly D use?

“I use turntables. Yes, I use [DJ software] Serato on my computer that only holds the music, but I’m still controlled by vinyl, and I’ll never lose that art form. Because that’s what I love the most.”

How much does it cost to have Pauly D DJ?

So, how much does Pauly D charge to DJ events? According to an anonymous source who leaked information about what big and small music stars charge for appearances, Pauly D charges $40,000 to $60,000 per show. However, according to, you can get Pauly D at your club or event for under $50,000.

How much does Pauly D’s chain cost?

The 36-carat pendant is suspended from a 48-carat rose, yellow, and white diamond-encrusted Cuban link chain. The reality personality added a matching tri-color Cuban link bracelet to complete the ensemble. What is the entire cost of Pauly D’s new bling? A staggering $500,000.

How much does DJ Pauly D make per set?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates he was earning $150K per episode of the show and is worth a whopping $20 million—in part thanks to his DJ career. According to a Forbes article from 2012, Pauly D takes home an average of $40,000 per set, and he’s performed at clubs, private parties, and even opened for Britney Spears.

Who owns Dirty Couture?

Taking a cue from the stretch of boardwalk that made them famous, Pauly Delvecchio decided to launch Dirty Couture, a line of slogan-slapped tees — and to sell them in a store similar to the famous Shore Store the cast works at in Seaside Heights.

How old is Pauly D?

41 years (July 5, 1980)DJ Pauly D / Age

How do I hire Pauly D?

Fill out a booking request form for DJ Pauly D, or call our office at 1.800. 698.2536 to discuss your upcoming event. One of our experienced agents will be happy to help you get pricing information and check availability for DJ Pauly D or any other celebrity of your choice.

Is Pauly D the highest paid DJ?

In addition to the money made from the show, Forbes named Pauly one of the highest-paid DJs in 2019. Pauly was estimated to make $11 million just from his DJ-ing career. To book Pauly for an event, it can cost anywhere between $40,000-$60,000 (via Distractify).

Who is richest Jersey Shore?

The wealthiest individual to come from Jersey Shore is DJ Pauly D. He currently has a net worth of $20 million.

Did Pauly D ever get his chain back?

Sammi says Shantel returned the chain because she knew she’d been caught on camera, but Mike thinks she only snatched it so she could have an excuse to come back to the house again (something DTFs rarely get to do).

Does Pauly D have his own clothing line?

It’s T-Shirt Time! The new line will be called “Dirty Beats,” and Pauly D will receive a 50 percent ownership stake in addition to being involved in all of the day-to-day operations. Pauly D isn’t the first “Shore” cast member to make the jump into fashion.