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What did Joe Rogan say about Ronda Rousey?

What did Joe Rogan say about Ronda Rousey?

During an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show, Rogan gave the ultimate compliment in claiming Rousey could be competitive in the men’s bantamweight division. “There’s a lot of guys her size she could beat,” said Rogan. “I mean, a lot.

Is Ronda coming back to UFC?

She’d return at UFC 207 but was obliterated in 46 seconds by then-champion Amanda Nunes. Rousey would then transition to pro wrestling, making her WWE debut at the 2018 Royal Rumble and her in-ring debut a few months later at WrestleMania 34. And with all she’s done since leaving the UFC, she’s never going back.

Who KO d Ronda Rousey?

Holly Holm
Holly Holm shocked the world by knocking the bantamweight title out of Ronda Rousey exactly four years ago at UFC 193 main-event bout.

Is Ronda in the UFC Hall of Fame?

LAS VEGAS — Ronda Rousey was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on Thursday, becoming the first female inductee in the company’s history. Rousey was the UFC’s first women’s champion, holding the bantamweight belt from 2012 to 2015 and defending it six times.

Did Joe Rogan say Ronda Rousey could Beat Floyd Mayweather?

Rogan then conceded that Rousey would be very concerned about avoiding Mayweather’s punches in the hypothetical fight, but when the show’s co-host Marcellus Wiley asked Rogan who he would pick to win the fight, the UFC commentator responded, without missing a beat: “Ronda Rousey. I’m not kidding you.

Did Ronda Rousey leave UFC?

But in 2016, after consecutive losses agains Holly Holm and then Amanda Nunes, Rousey walked away from the UFC and later joined the WWE. After success in pro wrestling, in 2019 again she retired to focus on a family, this year giving birth to baby girl La’akea Makalapuaokalanipo with husband Travis Browne.

Is Ronda Rousey white?

Her mother, a decorated judoka, was the first American to win a World Judo Championship (in 1984). Rousey is of English, Polish, and, through her maternal grandfather, Trinidadian and Venezuelan ancestry.

Who beat up Rousey?

Five Years Since Holly Holm Became UFC Champion By Beating Ronda Rousey.

When did Ronda Rousey leave UFC?

Rousey was part of the company’s first ever female fight at UFC 157, was their inaugural Women’s Bantamweight Champion, and holds the record for most UFC title defenses (6) by a female. Rousey retired from MMA in 2016 and was the first female fighter inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2018.

Who was the first woman in UFC?

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey became the first woman fighter signed to the UFC on November 2012, and was promoted to the division’s bantamweight champion. She successfully defended her title in the first UFC women’s fight against Liz Carmouche at UFC 157. Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano fought at the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale on April 13.