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What did Hartley give Chuck and Sarah?

What did Hartley give Chuck and Sarah?

It is then revealed that Hartley’s gift was all of Volkoff Industries’ assets, giving Chuck and Sarah almost a billion dollars.

Who is Hartley in Chuck?

Timothy Dalton
Hartley Winterbottom is the true, original identity of the man known to the world as Alexei Volkoff. He was an MI6 scientist on the original Intersect team along with Stephen Bartowski (Scott Bakula), and they were the first Human Intersects. He is portrayed by Timothy Dalton.

Who poisoned Sarah Chuck?

At the end of Chuck Versus the Balcony , Sarah volunteers for a mission to bring down Volkoff Industries, to help Chuck get his mother back after nearly two decades of undercover work. In Chuck Versus the Gobbler , Sarah has become a double agent under a setup by General Beckman working for Alexei Volkoff.

Who is Tuttle in Chuck?

Timothy Dalton: Gregory Tuttle Jump to: Photos (4) Quotes (3)

What happens to Vivian in Chuck?

Hartley knows the identities were meant for him and Sarah, but Chuck insists he will do anything to save her. He finally reaches Vivian, who agrees to help Chuck and correct a mistake of her own, then flees with her father for a new life, leaving the Volkoff Industries fortune to the newly-wed Bartowskis.

Who killed Brody in Chuck?

As described, Brody is “nerdy, emotional, into his family and friends, disarmingly attractive.” Moments after Chuck texted him with the news he was to be the new Intersect, he was stabbed to death by Damien, another Intersect candidate, when he discovered Damien planting explosives in Castle.

Did Chuck’s mom take away the Intersect?

Whilst Chuck is in his father’s base attempting to get the Phalanx XR-12 computer to read a SIS disk supposedly containing evidence of his mother’s innocence, Mary takes the device from a storage box labelled “Eurybia”.

Who is the MI6 agent on Chuck?

Jonathan Cake
MI6 Agent Cole Barker, was undercover as a Fulcrum agent, when he stole a chip, and was in the process of recovering the reader from a Fulcrum contact when apprehended by Team Bartowski….Cole Barker.

Seasons: Season 2
Portrayed by: Jonathan Cake
Status: Alive
Occupation: MI6 Agent
Aliases: Unknown

Do Sarah and Luc have a baby?

Sarah Louise Walker Laurent (formerly Whedon) is a fictional character on the ABC television drama Brothers & Sisters. She is portrayed by actress Rachel Griffiths….Sarah Walker (Brothers & Sisters)

Spouse Joe Whedon ​ ​ ( m. 1997; div. 2008)​ Luc Laurent ​ ( m. 2011)​
Sons Cooper Whedon
Daughters Paige Whedon
Grandmothers Ida Holden

Why was Chuck Cancelled?

Lester since became a more prominent character than he was in the pilot. At the close of the second season, declining ratings and stiff competition from the other networks had indicated that “Chuck” would be canceled.

Is Vivian Chuck’s sister?

Vivian first appeared in the Season Four episode, Chuck Versus the Masquerade….Vivian Volkoff.

Seasons: Season 4
Occupation: Heir to Volkoff Industries (former)
Aliases: Vivian McArthur
Relatives: Hartley Winterbottom (father) Mrs. Winterbottom (paternal grandmother)
Relationships: Chuck Bartowski (former nemesis)

What happens to Bentley in Chuck?

The NCS Intersect room is completely destroyed, and the entire project is permanently disbanded. Bentley finally admitted, “You’re a good spy, Chuck Bartowski. I’m sorry for underestimating you.” After Beckman concludes that Chuck is the only viable Intersect, she has Bentley sent back to Langley after debriefing her.