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What did Etho do before Minecraft?

What did Etho do before Minecraft?

Etho previously worked in horticulture as part of a family-owned greenhouse business. Before revealing his previous profession, viewers had regularly claimed Etho to be a teacher, an IT professional or even a member of NASA.

What country is Etho from?

Ethos (/ˈiːθɒs/ or US: /ˈiːθoʊs/) is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence emotions, behaviors, and even morals.

When did Etho join Mindcrack?

Etho joined Mindcrack in 2011 and left in early 2015. He left because he didn’t want to be part of the Minecrack Brand, which was becoming more money orientated – Etho mentioned in a video that he prefers doing minecraft for the fun.

Is Etho from Canada?

Ethoslab or Etho is a Canadian Youtuber and video game commentator best known for his Minecraft Let’s Play series Etho Plays Minecraft, and his involvment on the Hermitcraft server.

Why did BdoubleO leave Mindcrack?

On 3 April 2015, it was announced BdoubleO would be parting ways with Mindcrack due to legal changes within the brand. In his words, Bdubs “was told that [he] was not allowed to be an official member anymore.” He joined Hermitcraft at the start of Season 5 in April 2017.

What is ethos net worth?

Life-Insurance Startup Ethos Valued at More Than $2 Billion – Bloomberg.

Is VintageBeef still in Mindcrack?

VintageBeef, also known by his personal name Daniel “Dan” M., is a Canadian Let’s Play commentator, a member of Mindcrack since May 2011, and a member of HermitCraft since September 2016.

What province does EthosLab live in?

AKA Treetho, Ethoslab, Mr Slab, Sneaky Ninja, Beetho (first modded mindcrack series), Ladders (He goes up, he goes down), Ergo
Age 35 (August 20, 1986)
Home Canada

Is GenerikB still in Mindcrack?

After extended group and personal discussions, we’re sad to announce that TheJims, GenerikB, BDoubleO, Etho, and PaulSoaresJr will not continue as official Mindcrack members in the future. It is important to note that not all Mindcrackers were interested in continuing with Mindcrack as a business.

Are guide and BDoubleO still friends?

OOG is a team of Super Hostile Let’s Players made up of BdoubleO and Guude. Though they are both individually active, they are no longer a team.

What is c9 TENZ net worth?

TenZ Net Worth

Real Name Tyson Ngo
Address Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Marital Status/Partner Dating Kyedae “Kyedae” Shymko
Source of Wealth Online streaming, sponsorships, esports
Net Worth $1.25 million

Is Guude divorced?

In December 2016, Guude stated that he and his wife “aren’t doing well right now.” He later referred to himself as a “single dad.” In April 2017, he clarified “my wife left me 6 months ago and lives 5 hours away from me now. So I am a single guy these days.”