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What did Blair say to Chuck?

What did Blair say to Chuck?

Cowardly Chuck refused to admit his true feelings. Blair: ”Then look down deep into the soul I know you have, and tell me if what you feel for me is real, or if it’s just a game. If it’s real, we’ll figure it out, all of us, but if it’s not then please, Chuck, just let me go. ”

What would Blair Waldorf Do quotes?

And with that, here are our favorite Blair quotes of all time.

  • “You need to be cold to be queen.
  • “Destiny is for losers.
  • “Well, here’s my advice.
  • “If you really want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.”
  • “Three words.
  • “Feelings never do make sense.
  • “Forget boys.

Does Chuck ever say I love you to Blair?

Gossip Girl CHUCK SAYS ‘I LOVE YOU’ TO BLAIR 2×25 SEASON FINALE HQ “The Goodbye Gossip Girl”

When did Chuck say he loved Blair?

season 2
In the final episode of season 2, Chuck admits to Blair his true feelings and the two finally begin a relationship.

Did Chuck ever cheat on Blair?

At Nate’s graduation party that night, they end up in a room alone together and are about to admit their feelings when a Gossip Girl blast reveals that Chuck slept with Vanessa and Blair slept with Jack on New Year’s. As a result, Chuck loses any interest in being with Blair, even though she tells him she loves him.

Does Blair or Chuck say I love you first?

Throughout seasons one and two, Chuck and Blair both refused to make the first movie and confess that they were falling in love with one another. By the end of season two, Blair finally told Chuck she loved him. Eventually, Chuck confessed his feelings, too.

What is Blair Waldorf’s aesthetic?

Blair Waldorf Style. Blair’s style is very classic, preppy, and polished. She always looks as if she stepped out of a department store window; her outfit is flawless, and she never has a hair out of place. Blair’s fashion sense is definitely the quintessential upper-east-side stereotype, and she’s not ashamed of it!

Is Ed Westwick friends with Leighton Meester?

Ed Westwick spilled on his dynamic bond with Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester, saying in a new podcast episode that they had “great chemistry” on the show and that he misses her “dearly.” Gossip Girl herself would be proud of how many secrets the cast of the O.G. Gossip Girl has been spilling on the XOXO podcast.

Who married Serena?

Alexis Ohanian
September 06, 2021 – 12:51 BST Rachel Avery. Tennis champion Serena Williams is often talking about her sporting career, but on Sunday the star opened up about her private life on Instagram during a Q&A, giving a rare insight into her marriage with Alexis Ohanian.

Are Chuck and Blair toxic?

Yet as we got older and wiser, we started to come to our senses and realize that these two were not healthy together. In fact, they were kind of awful to one another. Chuck and Blair had their cute moments, but it wasn’t enough to salvage the fact that they were in a toxic relationship.

Why did Chuck sleep with Jenny?

2 She Was Assaulted By Chuck In the pilot episode, Chuck tried to hook up with Jenny, even though she was just fourteen years old at a time. He lured her to somewhere private so “they could talk.” She actually thought he really just wanted to talk and was visibly uncomfortable with him kissing her.