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What control surfaces work with Pro Tools?

What control surfaces work with Pro Tools?

Our Pick of the 6 Best Pro Tools Control Surfaces in 2022

  • Avid S1 Control Surface.
  • Best Control Unit: Avid Pro Tools Dock.
  • Best Multi-Fader Control Surface: Avid Artist Mix Surface.
  • Best Budget (Single Fader): PreSonus FaderPort.
  • Alternative to FaderPort: Behringer XTOUCH ONE.

How do I create a control surface in Pro Tools?

DAW controllers (control surfaces) must be configured in Pro Tools before their control features will work….

  1. Open the Setup menu, hover over MIDI, and then select MIDI Input Devices….
  2. Enable your MIDI device by clicking its checkbox.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Once enabled, continue to configure MIDI controllers.

How do I use Avid control with Pro Tools?

Go to, view Products and select Pro Mixing. Follow the links for your controller and check the Learn and Support listings for video resources. To start using the Control app, install it and EuControl software, configure your network, then enable and confirm connections.

Can I control Pro Tools with iPad?

PT|Control is downloadable from the App Store for iPad only (no iPhone). Not only is it capable of wirelessly putting control of Pro Tools at your fingertips, it can also work with almost any other DAW or Video Editor such as Sternberg Cubase 8, Nuendo 6.6, Avid Media Composer, or Apple Logic Pro X.

What is V control?

V-Control Pro is a Mac/Windows app that connects controllers to software, giving you hands-on control of your audio and video projects using almost any device. V-Control Pro puts you in control.

What does a DAW controller do?

What is a DAW controller? DAW controllers are MIDI devices that enable control over DAW’s such as Pro Tools or Ableton Live. Rather than use a mouse and keyboard to find and click each command, a DAW controller allows you to operate a DAW via dedicated control surface’s buttons, faders, encoders, or knobs.

What is a MIDI control surface?

A MIDI control surface is a MIDI controller that allows you to integrate the tactile feeling of knobs, faders, and buttons into the virtual environment of your DAW by sending and receiving MIDI messages.

Does Avid control work on Iphone?

A: Avid Control is compatible with iOS or Android devices only.

Can you run Avid on iPad?

In addition to iPad, the Avid Control app works with Android and Fire OS devices too, giving you more choice and cost flexibility. And not just tablets—you can use the app on your smartphone too.

Can you use Avid on an iPad?

Mix wirelessly with your mobile device Take control of your favorite audio and video software right from your iOS, Android, or Fire OS tablet or smartphone. With the newly updated Avid Control app, you can record and mix music and audio faster and more easily than working with a mouse and keyboard alone.

Does Protools 12 work with Control 24?

V-Control Pro Setup for Pro Control and Control 24 with Pro Tools. How to setup Neyrinck’s V-Control pro software for enabling Digidesign’s Pro Control and Control 24 to work with latest versions of Pro Tools including Pro Tools 11, 12, and 2018.