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What color is gale force?

What color is gale force?

emerald aqua-green
Gale Force is a midtone, neutral, emerald aqua-green with a hint of blue undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a bedroom.

What color is Cascades?

teal aqua-green
Cascade is a light, pure, teal aqua-green with a jewel undertone. It is a perfect paint color for an elegant room.

What color is sw sea serpent?

dark navy blue
Sherwin-Williams Sea Serpent is a dark navy blue with green undertones. You could almost call it a dark blue green, but not quite. The color most like it is BM Hale Navy. It is most often used as an exterior paint color, but would look fantastic as an interior accent color or a wall color in a well lit room.

What color is smoky blue?

Not to mention that Sherwin-Williams just announced the Color of the Year for 2020: Naval, a dark navy blue. This month’s featured color is Smoky Blue, a gorgeous medium-dark toned blue that has a slight gray undertone to keep it from feeling too bright.

What constitutes a gale?

Gale. An extratropical low or an area of sustained surface winds of 34 (39 mph) to 47 knots (54 mph). Gale Warning. A warning of sustained surface winds, or frequent gusts, in the range of 34 knots (39 mph) to 47 knots (54 mph) inclusive, either predicted or occurring, and not directly associated with a tropical …

What color is Granite Peak?

Granite Peak SW 6250 – Blue Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams.

What color is still water?

Still Water SW 6223 – Blue Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams.

What color is alabaster Sherwin Williams?

Alabaster is a soft, WARM white with MORE undertone than some of the more simple, cleaner whites (ie: SW High Reflective White). This warmth comes across as soft and creamy vs abrasive and yellow, meaning it’s not even close to the 3 whites that I would never paint my trim or cabinets.

What color is sage?

Sage is a grey-green resembling that of dried sage leaves. As a quaternary color, it is an equal mix of the tertiary colors citron and slate.

Is smoky blue cool or warm?

Cool Neutral
Smoky Blue SW 7604 – Cool Neutral Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams | Sherwin williams paint colors, House paint exterior, Paint colors for home.