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What carries over to ME3?

What carries over to ME3?

All Credits carry over. All Fish and Models collected. Your current level carries over, and Skill Points can be reassigned.

What carries over from ME1 to ME2 Legendary Edition?

Everything That Carries Between Games in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

  • Shepard’s First Name.
  • Shepard’s Appearance.
  • Shepard’s Class (can be changed between games if desired)
  • Shepard’s Background and Psychological Profile.
  • Shepard’s Love Interest (can be changed)
  • Fate of Ashley or Kaidan on Virmire.
  • Garrus’ morality.

Does Mass Effect 2 have new game plus?

BioWare has incorporated “New Game+” into Mass Effect 2, despite originally ditching it because it would make it harder to handle the transition to Mass Effect 3. New Game+ allows players who complete a game to replay it using the same character with which they finished it, retaining abilities and so on.

Should I import ME1 character?

Importing an ME1 Shepard will give bonus Morality Points at the start of Mass Effect 2. This is a huge boon because ME2 unlocks Charm / Intimidate choices more for your ability to keep up with the Paragon / Renegade options you can choose.

What is the max level in Mass Effect 2?

The max level in Mass Effect 2 is 30, which is true for both the standard game and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition package. You start the game with two Squad Points and gain two points for every level until you get to 20.

What happens if you save the Council in Mass Effect?

If you let the Council die, the Alliance forces will be superior War Assets in Mass Effect 3, while if you save them, the Alliance will be weakened, but you’ll get The Ascension as a War Asset to balance it out.

How much Paragon do you need to regain Miranda’s loyalty?

To answer your question: The Miranda/Jack dispute requires 70% paragon or 40% renegade to resolve with both loyal.

Is Paragon or Renegade better?

Being Paragon or Renegade will greatly impact Shepard’s dialogue and quick-time actions throughout the games. Overall, it can be said that Renegade Shepard’s dialogue is much funnier and more memorable. After all, Paragon Shepard is patient and kind which leaves little room for “creativity”.