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What can I use instead of milk in pancakes?

What can I use instead of milk in pancakes?

Liquid Milk Substitutes for Pancakes

  • almond milk.
  • oat milk.
  • soy milk.
  • hemp milk.
  • half & half + water (50/50 ratio)
  • heavy cream + water (50/50 ratio)
  • cashew milk.
  • rice milk.

How do you make vegan whole wheat pancakes?


  1. 1 cup whole wheat flour*
  2. 1 tablespoon baking powder.
  3. ¼ teaspoon salt.
  4. 1 cup almond milk or dairy-free milk of choice.
  5. 2 tablespoons olive oil or melted coconut oil.
  6. 2 tablespoons maple syrup or sugar of choice.
  7. 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.
  8. More oil to grease your pan/skillet, if necessary.

What can I use in place of milk?

Best substitutes for milk

  • Yogurt: Yogurt is thicker than milk.
  • Sour cream: Use the same notes as yogurt.
  • Heavy cream: Cream has much more milk fat than milk.
  • Half and half: Also has more fat than milk.
  • Water: If the recipe calls for a small amount of milk like ¼ cup or less, water could work.

Can I substitute coconut milk for milk in pancakes?

How do you make dairy free pancakes? We’ve used all different kinds of milk in the recipe – coconut milk (from the refrigerated section, not the can), almond milk, lactose free milk and regular milk – and it turns out great every time.

Are whole wheat pancakes vegan?

They might just be the best vegan pancakes around! You’ll love how light and fluffy they are. Made with whole wheat flour, they’re quite filling too and can even be made sugar-free if needed. Enjoy a big stack for breakfast (or dinner!) with all your favourite toppings like fresh fruit and maple syrup.

Is Bisquick vegan?

Is Bisquick Vegan? Yes! Bisquick is vegan. Bisquick Original Pancake & Baking Mix is dairy-free and egg-free, making it naturally vegan.

Can you substitute almond milk for milk in pancakes?

Almond milk is our favorite substitute for milk in pancakes. But you are definitely not limited to it. While you can use plant-based milks like almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk(carton or boxed, not canned) as an alternative to regular milk, there are some other options too.

How do you freeze pancakes without dairy?

All pancakes freeze wonderfully, including dairy-free versions. Simply let them cool completely then stack in a freezer container or bag separated by layers of parchment or wax paper. They’ll keep for 2 months.

Do pancakes have milk in them?

They’re a favorite in many households, but if you have family members with dietary restrictions such as a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance, pancakes are usually eliminated from the breakfast selection. While almost all pancake recipes include milk, this dairy-free recipe allows you to put pancakes back on your family’s menu.

Can you make dairy-free pancakes from scratch?

Making dairy-free pancakes from scratch relies on a couple of simple substitutes: Swap the cow’s milk out for almond milk and use oil instead of the butter that some recipes use. This recipe also uses a whole egg and an egg yolk to make the pancakes a little richer and even more delicious.

Do you have a dairy allergy to pancakes?

Pancakes are a classic weekend breakfast staple that is a favorite in many households. But if you have family members with dietary restrictions such as a dairy allergy, pancakes are usually eliminated from the breakfast selection since almost all recipes include milk.