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What bands were influenced by My Bloody Valentine?

What bands were influenced by My Bloody Valentine?

Featured Artists

  • Radiohead.
  • True Widow.
  • Slowdive.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Ride.
  • M83.
  • Deftones.

Are My Bloody Valentine loud?

As far as fans are concerned, MBV remain the loudest live band in the business. Seeing (and especially hearing) the MBV show can be an intoxicating experience.

What Fuzz did My Bloody Valentine use?

The My Bloody Valentine guitar sound is synonymous with shoegaze guitar (heck, he basically invented it!). It’s completely otherworldly….Table of Contents hide.

Ingredient Gear
Guitar w/ Glide Guitar Technique Fender Jazzmaster Guitar
ALL OF THE ABOVE Keeley Loomer Fuzz & Reverb Pedal

How did My Bloody Valentine get their sound?

MBV’s signature guitar sound relies on bending played notes down while strumming, and allowing reverb to turn this into a gauzy, deep vibrato. The more subtle de-tuning action of the Fender Jazzmaster allows for this effect to happen, where other tremolo systems result in a much more dramatic de-tuning.

Is MBV grunge?

My Bloody Valentine were grunge before grunge existed, a band whose impact can only be measured in their influence, a comparison to the Velvet Underground is by no way overshooting the mark.

Are MBV Irish?

My Bloody Valentine are an Irish alternative rock band formed in Dublin in 1983, known for their early and influential shoegaze style.

What was the loudest rock concert ever?

Sleazy Joe (Sweden, 2008) In what could be considered definitively the loudest concert in history, Swedish band Sleazy Joe reached new heights when they performed in Hassleholm at peak levels of 143.2 decibels.

How loud is MBV live?

Gigs regularly exceed the recommended decibel limit that it is safe to be exposed to for any length of time, with sound levels easily reaching 115 decibels, which causes hearing damage in less than 30 seconds, the safe level being 85 decibels. But MBV’s shows have been known to reach more than a deafening 120 decibels.

What string gauge does Kevin Shields use?

I do not know what they use now, but they used to use GHS Boomers 10 gauge. Debbie is nickel intolerant and use Rotosound strings as they were not nickel coated.

What distortion pedal does MBV use?

They used a Jim Dunlop fuzz pedal and a Digitech Whammy for the piercing shrieks, along with the Roger Mayer Active Fuzz and Octave Fuzz.

How was Loveless made?

It’s a bit confusing, but for one, the nice segues on Loveless — those seamless song-to-song transitions — were done on a computer. And before a pressing plant makes the vinyl version, it turns the analog tapes into a digital file.

What genre is slowdive?

Alternative/IndieSlowdive / Genre