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What ATM can Citibank use?

What ATM can Citibank use?

Citibank customers can get cash, get information, and make transfers between their eligible linked Citibank accounts with no surcharge fee when they use their Citibank ATM or Debit Card at ATMs in the U.S. located at Citibank branches, ATMs at select retail store locations, and ATMs participating in the MoneyPass® …

Can I withdraw money from Citibank in China?

No matter overseas or domestic, interbank or intrabank, you can enjoy fee waiver for cash withdrawal and balance enquiry with Citibank Debit Card on any ATMs of China UnionPay. It is also easy for you to withdraw local currency without any fee charge on overseas ATMs*.

What ATMs can Citibank use for free?

Choose from more than 65,000 fee-free* ATMs at Citibank branches and participating retail locations nationwide, including:

  • Target.
  • Rite Aid.
  • Duane Reade.

Can I use my Citi ATM card anywhere?

There are more than 2,400 ATMs at over 700 Citibank branches in the US, plus Citibank branded ATMs in over 20 other countries around the world. ¹⁸ Customers with a Citibank card can get fee free withdrawals from Citibank ATMs globally.

Does Citibank charge ATM fees overseas?

ATM withdrawal: $2.50 non-Citibank ATM fee + 3% of amount.

Can I use my Citibank Debit Card overseas?

Whatever cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, fund transfer, or purchases, Citibank Debit Card is dedicated to bring you the most convenient and flexible payment experience, together with exclusive global privileges. Fee waiver for all transactions on domestic and overseas ATMs.

Can I use Citibank in China?

Branch & ATM Network Citibank has a presence along the North-East and South-East of China, with a total of 47 consumer bank outlets in the 13 cities of: Shanghai. Chengdu. Beijing.

Can I use my Citibank Debit Card internationally?

Does Citi charge ATM fees?

Monthly Service Fee $4.50 Fee waived when the average monthly savings balance is $500 or more. Non-Citibank ATM Fee $2.50 Per withdrawal.

Can I use Citibank debit card overseas?

Is my Citibank Debit Card International?

Travel globally with Citibank Debit Card Current participation countries/areas: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia, and this offering only applies to the merchants that accept CUP cards.

Can I access my Citibank account overseas?

Citibank USA doesn’t offer a foreign account themselves, but instead refers customers to their offshore banking arm — Citi International. You can open a foreign currency account with Citi International and then transfer funds into it from your Citibank USA account.