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What area is Leeds Bradford Airport?

What area is Leeds Bradford Airport?

Leeds Bradford Airport (IATA: LBA, ICAO: EGNM) is located in Yeadon, in the City of Leeds Metropolitan District in West Yorkshire, England, about 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Leeds city centre, and about 9 miles (14 km) northeast from Bradford city centre.

How much is it to drop off at Leeds and Bradford airport?

Leeds Bradford Drop-off & Pick Up Charges

Duration Prices
10 – 20 minutes £7.00
20 – 30 minutes £9.00
30 – 60 minutes £11.00
Cost per each extra hour £11.00

Can you walk to Leeds Bradford Airport?

Yes it is possible to walk to the airport. It takes about 20-25minutes, or 5 minutes in a taxi.

How much is pick up parking at Leeds Bradford Airport?

Turn up

Turn up duration Cars Minibuses / Coaches / Larger Vehicles 9 seats and under
10-20 minutes £7.00 £12.00
20-30 minutes £9.00 £15.00
30-60 minutes £11.00 £18.00
Each subsequent hour or part thereof £11.00 £18.00

What is Leeds Bradford Airport code?

Leeds Bradford Airport/Code

Why is Leeds Bradford Airport called Leeds Bradford?

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) opened during the interwar period, on October 17th, 1931. At this time, the facility was not known by this name, but rather as Leeds and Bradford Municipal Aerodrome. It also became known by the shorter designation of Yeadon Aerodrome, in reference to the nearest town to the facility.

Is there a free drop off point at Leeds Bradford airport?

For the closest drop off to the terminal, passengers can use our Pick Up & Drop Off car park that’s just a short one minute walk from the terminal. We also have a dedicated One Hour Free Parking Zone that is ideal for picking up passengers 3-4 minutes’ walk away. Simply follow the road signs from Whitehouse Lane.

What is Leeds Bradford airport code?

Is there a free drop off point at Leeds Bradford Airport?

Where is the free drop off at Leeds Bradford airport?

How long is short stay parking at Leeds Bradford airport?

Turn up

Turn up duration Price
0-60 minutes £12.00
1-2 hours £15.00
2-3 hours £17.00
3-4 hours £26.00

What county is Bradford in UK?

of West Yorkshire
Bradford, urban area (from 2011 built-up area), city, and metropolitan borough, metropolitan county of West Yorkshire, historic county of Yorkshire, northern England. It is located west of Leeds, in a side valley where a broad ford crosses a small tributary of the River Aire.

Where is Leeds Bradford Airport?

Leeds Bradford Airport is located between the cities of Leeds and Bradford in West Yorkshire England. First opened in 1935, Leeds Bradford Airport now handles roughly 2 million passengers a year and demand is growing. Leeds Bradford Airport is situated close to Leeds city centre and is accessible from the A660, A658, A6120 and the A65.

Where is the closest major road to Bradford Airport?

Leeds Bradford Airport is signposted on all major roads in the surrounding Yorkshire area, including the M1 and M62 motorways and the Yorkshire section of the A1. Roads to our on-site car parks can be accessed from Whitehouse Lane and we recommend navigating to your car park directly where possible.

What is the postcode for the airport?

Our airport postcode is LS19 7TU. This will navigate drivers to the access road for our Pick Up & Drop Off, Meet & Greet and Short Stay car parks. Making a pick up or a drop off?

How do I get to Yeadon from Bradford Airport?

-From Leeds, Leeds Bradford airport can be reached by following signs for Yeadon and Otley on the A660. -Just after Bramhope, drivers should turn onto the A658 towards Yeadon. -From Bradford, take the A658 out of the city centre and again follow signs for Yeadon and Guiseley.