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What are words with the suffix er?

What are words with the suffix er?

Study the word list: Suffix -er, -or, -ar

reporter I want to be a reporter in the future because I like asking people questions. *
writer She is a skillful writer.
listener A type of poem, derived from the theatre, in which a speaker addresses an internal listener or the reader. *

What does suffix ER and OR mean?

1. The suffixes -or and -er are agent noun suffixes, they are added to the end of a verb to create a noun. This noun that is formed, is a person or a thing that does an action, belongs to a certain group or specialises in a certain topic.

What is the rule for adding er suffix?

drop the e before adding ‘er’ or ‘est’. Words ending in y… change the y into an i before adding ‘er’ or ‘est’. Words that end with one vowel and one consonant need a double letter before adding ‘er’ or ‘est’.

What type of noun ends in ER?

The -er ending can also be used to form nouns meaning: ‘a person or thing that has a particular quality or form’, for example:double-decker, two-wheeler, skyscraper. ‘a person belonging to a particular place or group’, e.g. foreigner, prisoner.

What does the ER suffix mean for kids?

one who
‘-er’ means ‘one who. ‘ Let’s think of some more words with -er ending.

What does the suffix er mean in teacher?

April 11, 2022. 0. The most common use of suffix -er is: a person or object that does a specified action. For example: reader, creator, interpreter, inventor, collaborator, teacher. A suffix is one or a set of letters that you add to the end of a word that changes its meaning.

Why do we add er to words?

As you know, in order to form comparative and superlative adjectives in English, you need to change the adjective. For shorter adjectives, you need to add -er to the end of the word to make a comparative or add -est to form a superlative.

How do you teach er and est?

How to Teach -er and -est

  1. If the adjective is a CVC word, double the final consonant before adding the ending. Example: Big, bigger, biggest.
  2. If the adjective is a CVCe word, add only -r and -st. Example: Cute, cuter, cutest.
  3. If the adjective ends with y, drop the y and change it to i before adding the ending.

How do you use ER in a sentence?

Use “er” in a sentence | “er” sentence examples

  1. handicaps a man’s pow Sadness diminishes or er of action.
  2. I would challenge the, er, suggestion that we’re in third place.
  3. I must say, I mean, it sounded like er thingummyjig all over again without the politics.
  4. “Er, hello, viewers,” he babbled.

What does the suffix ER in harder mean?

Compare -ier, -or. -er 4 ,suffix. -er is regularly used to form the comparative form of short adjectives and adverbs: hard + -er → harder; small + -er → smaller; fast + -er → faster.

How do you teach er words in phonics?

Teaching Phonics Dictating Er Words As you’re teaching the phonogram er, use your favorite phonics book to dictate er words for your children to write. The main thing is to have practice writing the /er/ sound “by ear”. The er worksheets above are a nice homework lesson for practice.

How do you print the suffix er on a worksheet?

To print a suffix er worksheet go to our printable adjective worksheets where you’ll find 1st grade manuscript worksheets and 2nd or 3rd grade cursive worksheets with words ending in er. Our ESL friends would want to know that in English does not have regular er verbs.

Why do we use the “-er” suffix with words ending in “CT”?

Like we do with verbs ending in consonant clusters (other than CT ), we use the “-er” suffix with verbs ending in consonant digraphs, pairs of consonants that form a single unique consonant sound. This is also true of words ending in the consonant trigraph TCH.

What is the rule for Er words in spelling?

Most of the time English words use ER for the /er/ sound in spelling root words. It’s not a rule, it’s more of a probability. Always cover the vocabulary of the words in the list at least orally. Second and third grade children can often write their own sentences using these words as a list.