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What are Tiv known for?

What are Tiv known for?

The Tiv are subsistence farmers whose main crops are yams, millet, and sorghum, all of which are eaten as porridge or are made more palatable by their combination in sauces and stews. Although goats and chickens are plentiful, few cattle are kept because of the tsetse fly.

What is Tiv tradition?

Tiv RELIGIOUS BELIEFS Tiv religious thought is hinged on three basic concepts: Aondo, Tsav and Akombo. These concepts work together for stability, harmony and communal well-being. Aondo lived near the earth but was forced to retreat into the skies after he was struck by a woman pounding food.

What does Tiv call god?

The Tiv, who live in the central Benue valley of Nigeria, have a name for God, Aondo (sky), but are not much interested in him because they say that he is not much interested in them. God, in their view, created the earth and everything within it—including the forces of evil.

What is I love you in Tiv language?

M fa u, m fa asorabo ou, m fa ishima you, man u doom ishima’ nahan. I love you!” Ne doom ishima!”

What is Tiv food?

Since Tiv’s main occupation is farming, namely growing yams, sorghum, cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, and some commercial crops such as soybeans, rice, and cotton, correspondingly they eat plant food. Most often it is porridge, soup, boiled and baked tuber crops.

How do you say good morning in Tiv?


  2. English Tiv. Good Morning Under vee. Good Afternoon U pande vee. Good evening U pande-iyange-vee / U pande vee. Good night Yav dedoo.
  3. Expressions.
  4. English Tiv. How are you? U ngu nena? I am fine M ngu dedoo. Thank you very much M sugh u kpishi.
  5. DAYS. Monday Hiitom. Tuesday Tom ahar. Wednesday Tom atar.

How do you say thank you in Tiv language?

Thank you.” M sugh u.”

How do you say hello in Tiv?

Tiv Greetings. “Hi” “Msugh” Fun Fact: Msugh means, Hi, sorry, thank you, welcome and lot’s more in Tiv. If you don’t know what to say to a Tiv person just say Msugh! You can’t go wrong with Msugh.

How do you say goodnight in Tiv?

What is Tiv Favourite food?

Roasted yams, Boiled yams, Fried yams Tiv People love yams! Whether they are roasted, boiled or fried! Most people will eat yam in these forms early in the morning or as a night cap.

How do you greet in Tiv language?

What is my name is in Tiv language?

Iti you ka nyi What is your name?