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What are the steps in the precede proceed model?

What are the steps in the precede proceed model?

PRECEDE has five phases:

  1. Phase 1: Social diagnosis.
  2. Phase 2: Epidemiological diagnosis.
  3. Phase 3: Behavioral and environmental diagnosis.
  4. Phase 4: Educational and organizational diagnosis.
  5. Phase 5: Administrative and policy diagnosis.

How does a Precede model work?

PRECEDE provides the structure for planning a targeted and focused public health program. PROCEED provides the structure for implementing and evaluating the public health program. PRECEDE stands for Predisposing, Reinforcing, and Enabling Constructs in Educational Diagnosis and Evaluation.

What is the focus of the Precede portion of the model?

PRECEDE is the diagnostic portion of the model. It starts with the idea that the focus of change must be on its desired outcome, and works backward from that outcome to construct an intervention that will bring it about.

What type of model is the precede proceed model?

Purpose of PRECEDE/PROCEED model: It is participatory model and involves community participation. Content, methods/media for a particular program is selected according to need.

What is an important proposition of the precede proceed model?

Precede-proceed model: looking to identify measurable objectives (all outcomes have to be measured in order to conduct some type of statistics on it) pros of this include: you can very objectively test and see how effective it was. Cons: some things are not easily measureable or if your data is incorrect.

What concepts are associated with the proceed phase?

Terms in this set (29) PROCEED stands for Policy, Regulatory, and Organizational Constructs in Educational and Environmental Development.

What is the precede component?

The PRECEDE component involves assessing social, epidemiological, behavioral, environmental, educational, and ecological factors that informed the development of an intervention with underlying social cognitive theory assumptions.

What does the planned proceed component of the planning model include?

The planned PROCEED component of the planning model includes a description of an in-process pilot study to refine the oral health strategy, along with a future randomized controlled clinical trial to demonstrate its effectiveness. Conclusions

What are the Enabling factors for precede?

We took into account factors identified during the PRECEDE activities including enabling factors (planned actions from HAPA, capacity building, environmental adaptation, and reinforcement from SCT).

What is precede assessment and strategy design?

A The PRECEDE assessment and strategy design results are presented including a conceptual framework and oral health strategy that are linked to social cognitive theory and Health Action Process Approach.