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What are the resources used in teaching?

What are the resources used in teaching?

Teaching and learning resources

  • text books.
  • novels.
  • films.
  • plays.
  • radio programs.
  • multimedia.
  • digital learning resources including video, audio, text, animations and images.
  • lectures.

What are the best teacher resource website?

These 10 websites are exceptional resources for teachers in all subjects and at all grade levels.

  • Scholastic.
  • The Stanford History Education Group.
  • PBS LearningMedia.
  • Epic!
  • EDSITEment.
  • NCTM Illuminations.
  • Teaching Tolerance.
  • National Geographic.

What are the offline resources for teaching?

5 Tools For Educators For When There’s No Access To Internet

  • Canary Learning.
  • Pocket.
  • Evernote.
  • iBooks.
  • KA-Lite.
  • KA LITE is an offline version of Khan Academy offering high-quality education by bringing the online learning accessible to the offline users.

Why are resources used in teaching?

Resources are very useful as supporting tools in teaching and learning by giving students the flexibility to access files and materials without the supervision of an instructor in a more informal way such as browsing the organisation’s virtual learning environment whether at school or away.

What are the examples of offline resources?

Books are a typical example of an offline source. These are often great resources for history, philosophy and literature, and they often contain information that can’t be found online.

What are offline tools?

Offline tools

  • whiteboards. Whiteboards provide scope for a wide range of interactive, visual activities.
  • remote mouse keyboard. A ‘remote’ mouse and keyboard with range around 10m can provide opportunities for whole-class engagment in computer-based activities.
  • voting systems.
  • digital cameras.
  • mind-mapping.

How can I get free Teacherspayteachers?

How to Get Free Teachers Pay Teachers Resources:

  1. Set up your TpT ClassFund. It’s not overcomplicated, and it’s easy.
  2. Share your ClassFund link with everyone you know who will be happy to support you and your students.
  3. Buy the TpT resources that you need for your teaching!

What app do teachers use to make worksheets?

The most common choice for most teachers would be PowerPoint. It has enough features to make some great resources and it’s user-friendly. I prefer to use Adobe Illustrator because it is faster and the tools available for designing a printable are a little more powerful.