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What are the norms for 6MWT?

What are the norms for 6MWT?

Normative Data

Six-Minute Walking Test (m)
6MWT Gym 6MWT Community
Mean 382.39 401.44
Median 371.75 367.80
SD 120.988 130.276

Is the 6MWT valid?

Conclusions: The 6-minute walk is a valid and reliable method of assessing functional ability in a Phase II/III CR population. A learning effect of 6% was observed over the three walks; however, it is unknown if this learning effect will be retained over time.

What was the purpose of the 6 minute walk Test 6MWT )? Would the 6MWT be useful in clinical practice?

The 6-minute walk distance (6 MWD) provides a measure for integrated global response of multiple cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal systems involved in exercise. The 6 MWT provides information regarding functional capacity, response to therapy and prognosis across a broad range of chronic cardiopulmonary conditions.

What is the modified 6MWT?

The 6-min walk test (6MWT) has been used to assess functional status and measure clinical outcomes in studies of patients with chronic respiratory disease. This test assesses the farthest distance that a patient can walk in 6 min.

How do you assess 6MWT?

The 6MWT should be performed indoors, along a long, flat, straight, enclosed corridor with a hard surface that is seldom traveled. If the weather is comfortable, the test may be performed outdoors. The walking course must be 30 m in length. A 100-ft hallway is, therefore, required.

How do you score 6MWT?

Distance (in meters) covered in six minutes is calculated by multiplying the number of total laps by 12 meters, then adding the distance of the partial lap completed at the time the test ended. Document any assistive device/bracing used.

Is 500m in 6 minutes good?

The 6-min walk test (6MWT) tends to be a good predictor of perioperative complications and early mortality after surgical treatment of patients with lung cancer [9,16,17,18,19,20]. In the majority of studies, the threshold values are between 300 and 500 m.

Can you do the 6 minute walk test on a treadmill?

The Six-Minute Walk Test (6MWT) often is used to measure exercise capacity in people with cardiopulmonary diseases but has some disadvantages. The 6MWT administered on a treadmill (Tr6MWT) requires less physical space and allows for easier monitoring of vital parameters than the traditional 6MWT.

When do you stop 6MWT?

Reasons for immediately stopping a 6MWT include the following: (1) chest pain, (2) intolerable dyspnea, (3) leg cramps, (4) staggering, (5) diaphoresis, and (6) pale or ashen appearance. Technicians must be trained to recognize these problems and the appropriate responses.

What is good 6min walk?

Moreover, the 6MWT better reflects activities of daily living than other walk tests. Recently, the American Thoracic Society developed guidelines for the 6MWT in clinical settings. In healthy subjects, the 6-min walk distance (6MWD) ranges from 400 to 700 m, the main predictor variables being gender, age and height.

How does Apple watch measure vo2 max?

Apple Watch Series 3 or later can record an estimate of your VO2 max using the heart and motion sensors during an outdoor walk, run, or hike. It can also estimate your VO2 max if you start an outdoor walk, run, or hike in the Workout app.