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What are the main rules for dodgeball?

What are the main rules for dodgeball?

Dodgeball Rules

  • Hitting an opposing player with a LIVE thrown ball.
  • Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground.
  • A player is eliminated if they drop a ball while attempting to make a catch or a ball is knocked out of their hand by an attacking ball.

What is the golden rule of dodgeball?

The golden rule of dodgeball is When in Doubt, You are Out or if you’re not sure if a ball was live when it hit you, be a sport and step off. If the referee calls you safe, then you can go back and play. Balls in the Campus Cup game of dodgeball are still live until it hits the ground.

What can you not do in dodgeball?

Smacking, spiking, kicking, or scooping a ball are not allowed, and the hit won’t count; however if caught by the opponent, the catch is legal. 11. Players must line up next to the referees in the order they were knocked out.

Can a person cross the line while playing dodgeball?

A player may not enter or exit the court through the sidelines at any time, including avoiding being hit or attempting to catch a ball. Players must not have any part of their body cross the centerline and contact the ground on the opponents’ side of the court.

Are you allowed to use a ball to block a ball in dodgeball?

Players may use the ball to block; however, if the ball is knocked out of their hand while blocking, they will be out.

How do you score points in dodgeball?

While there is no real point scoring in dodgeball, the aim of the game is to eliminate players of the opposing team, which can be done in a number of ways. The most obvious way is hitting an opponent with a ball, if a player is hit and the ball is not caught before becoming dead, that player is eliminated.

Can you catch the ball that hit you in dodgeball?

4) If someone is hit and a teammate catches the ball, the person who was hit is out and no catch is awarded. 5) If a person tries to dodge a ball by blocking it with a ball already in their possession, and the blocker drops the ball or losses possession of the ball the blocker is out.

Is there a time limit in dodgeball?

Ten (10) minute time limit. Team with the most wins in the 10 minutes will be deemed the winner. If teams are tied, there will be a sudden death game to determine match winner. All players must wear non-marking rubber-soled athletic shoes.

How many seconds can you hold the dodgeball?

No player can hold the ball for longer than 5 seconds. Penalty- roll the ball gently to the other team. The opposing team is responsible for calling the stall count.

How many seconds can you hold the dodgeball for?