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What are the dimensions of an I beam?

What are the dimensions of an I beam?


Standard Steel I-Beam Sizes, Dimensions and Section Properties Chart
Desig- nation Nom. Weight, lb/ft Axis Y-Y
S15 x 42.9 42.9 5.23
S12 x 50 50 5.74
S12 x 40.8 40.8 5.16

How are steel I-beams measured?

In Canada and the United States, steel I-beams are commonly specified using the depth (in inches) and weight of the beam (in pounds per foot). For example, a “4 x 13” I-beam is approximately 4 inches in depth (the measurement taken from the outer face of the first flange, to the outer face of the opposite flange).

What does W10x22 mean?

In the United States, steel I-beams are commonly specified using the depth and weight of the beam. For example, a “W10x22” beam is approximately 10 in (254 mm) in depth (nominal height of the I-beam from the outer face of one flange to the outer face of the other flange) and weighs 22 lb/ft (33 kg/m).

How wide is a W12x14 beam?

Wide Flange Beam Specifications Chart

W12x14 14 11.91
W12x16 16 11.99
W12x19 19 12.16
W12x22 22 12.31

How do you read a steel I-beam size?

What size steel beam do I Need?

You can use a W10x26 (50 ksi) steel beam. The beam is 5.75” wide, 10.375” deep, and it weighs 26 pounds per linear foot. You can use 3” diameter steel, schedule 40, standard pipes for supports. You could also use a 3-1/2” x 18” Versa-Lam 2.0 3100 SP or DF.

What is the standard size of a beam?

The standard size of beam is 9″x12″, which is usually used in many of the residential building. This is not the standard size and there is no such size is mentioned is IS codes. The depth of the beam is dependents upon the load and loading condition. To increase the load carrying capacity of the beam usually depth of the beam will be increased.

What are common wide-flange beam sizes?

Section Depth in Inches: 4 to 44 inches

  • Weight per foot: 9 to 730 lbs
  • Flange Width in Inches: 904 to 16.965
  • Average Flange Thickness in Inches: 204 to 3.033 inches
  • Web Thickness in Inches: 17 to 1.875 inches
  • What size is a steel beam?

    Most homes have steel beams installed. The majority of beams are 8 inches tall, but 10 or 12-inch beams allow you to span longer distances with fewer columns that are annoying. Which Types Of Beams Used In Residential Construction?