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What are the commands in logo?

What are the commands in logo?

Logo is often used with a screen turtle, which is an object on the screen used to simulate how a turtle moves around the floor. There are many commands which can be used to control the turtle….Logo commands.

Command Action
PENDOWN lower pen and begin drawing
PENUP raise pen and cease drawing

What is PE command in Logo?

PE. Explanation. PENERASE turns the turtle’s pen into an eraser. When the turtle moves, it appears to erase by drawing in the current background color. To stop PENERASE, use PENDOWN, PENUP or SETPEN.

What is FD command in computer?

The commands and their abbreviations are given below − fd – forward. bk – backward. rt – right.

What is FD command in Logo?

Drawing Commands. The simple Logo drawing commands move the turtle forward and backward and turn it right or left. The commands and their abbreviations are given below: fd forward.

What is pen command?

The pendown and penup commands tell the turtle to leave ink on the screen as it moves or not to leave ink, respectively. The hideturtle and showturtle commands hide or show the turtle, but do not affect its ability to leave ink as it moves. The home command causes the turtle to return to the center of the screen.

What is a turtle in computer?

In computer graphics, turtle graphics are vector graphics using a relative cursor (the “turtle”) upon a Cartesian plane (x and y axis). Turtle graphics is a key feature of the Logo programming language.

What command hides turtles?


Command What it does
PD Put the turtle pen back down on the paper.
CS Clear the screen and start over.
HT Hide the turtle (triangle).
ST Show the turtle (triangle).