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What are some cool Filipino words?

What are some cool Filipino words?

Check out 10 Filipino words that are fun to say.

  • Mutya (n.) – Precious gemstone.
  • Kalinaw (n.) – Peace or tranquility.
  • Ngiti (n.) – Smile.
  • Dalisay (adj.) – Pure.
  • Ligaya (adj.) – Joy.
  • Gunita (n.) – Memory.
  • Takipsilim (n.) – Twilight.
  • Kinaadman (n.) – Knowledge.

What are some common Filipino words?

Here are some common Tagalog words and phrases to get your started:

  • Hello (informal) = Musta.
  • Hello (formal) = Kumusta.
  • What is your name? (informal) = Anong pangalan mo?
  • What is your name? (formal) = Ano po ang pangalan nila?
  • Nice to meet you = Kinagagalak kong makilala ka.
  • Good morning (informal) = Magandang umaga.

What does Hiraya mean in Filipino?

Hiraya, taken from an ancient Filipino word meaning the “fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations”, originates from the popular phrase “Hiraya Manawari,” which generally means “may the wishes of your heart be granted”.

What is Chika in Filipino?

Chika (chee-kah) / Gossip The slang word chika can mean two things — either something that’s not entirely true (e.g., gossip, rumors, etc) or some new information that your friends are expecting to hear from you. For example, “Have you heard about the latest chika (gossip)?” or “Ano’ng chika mo?” (What’s new with you?)

What is the hardest Filipino word?

In as much as ‘pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin’ means ‘the most heart wrenching’, this word is one of the most tongue-twisting.

How do you curse in Tagalog?

Putangina / Putangina Mo This swear word is actually one of the most common swear words that you might come across when you talk to a Filipino or when you find yourself visiting the Philippines. This literally translates to the English curse word which is “son of a b*tch”.

What is the meaning of Mayumi?

truth, reason, beauty
Mayumi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 真弓 or 眞弓, “truth, bow” or “spindle tree”, also used a male given name and surname. 檀, “spindle tree” 雅弓, “elegant, bow” 真由美 or 眞由美, “truth, reason, beauty”

What means Jowa?

lover; girlfriend
Definition for the Tagalog word jowa: jowà [noun] lover; girlfriend; boyfriend.

What is the meaning of the word paraluman?

muse; beauty queen
[noun] muse; beauty queen. Root: paraluman.