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What are Gorka suits for?

What are Gorka suits for?

The suit was designed to be worn in mountainous regions with its severe winds. The classic windproof mountain suit from tent fabric had a reputation of being “indestructible”. In the face of mountainous areas Gorka suit did an excellent job of protecting from wind and rain.

Are Gorka suits still used?

Bars Gorkas are officially and unofficially used in many military operations. Actually Bars Gorka suits are the most popular.

Are Gorka suits warm?

That Gorka winter is a must for your outdoor jobs when the weather is very cold. Made of Fleece both inside its pants and its vest, it’s a very warm and comfortable design….Additional information.

Weight 2500 g
Brand Bars
Sizing Classic
Cut Wide cut
Lining Fleece

What is a Russian Gorka suit?

Gorka – legendary Russian Suit. Firstly produced for Soviet Troops in Afghanistan, it’s become one of the most popular Russian Military Suits. It’s main feature – it’s light, cheap, very durable and provide advanced protection against wind (even dust storms) and basic protection against rain.

Who uses Gorka suits?

2/ The cheap Gorka suits These Gorkas are used only by Russian fishermen and some hunters for their low price. But make no mistake: they often complain about it and those who really like this type of military uniform end up buying a better model.

Who makes Russian Gorka?

The Gorka uniform manufactured by the Russian company BARS (Boevoe ARmejskoe Snarjazhenie, Russian: Боевое АРмейское Снаряжение meaning Combat Army Equipment) is one of the many derivatives of the famous Soviet gorka suit. The suit is designed to be loose fitting and is windproof and waterproof.

How do you wash a Gorka suit?

Wash your Gorka by hand in cold water (temperature 30-40°C) with soap and a brush to remove the dirt. It is best to wring it out with your hands or at low speed in the washing machine (400-600 rpm), the probability of deterioration of the white color of the fabric is then minimal.

Are Gorka suits good for snow?

The suit should be warm, waterproof, comfortable and durable, but affordable. The combination of this factors is rare. Gorka 5 “Fleece” is a variant of your favorite Gorka for cold weather. “Huntsman” made it from inexpensive and durable materials, which makes it the most affordable, functional and warm.

When was the Gorka suit made?

In 1981, specialists created the “Gorka” suit based on their accumulated experience and taking into account the requirements of Soviet mining brigades and infantrymen. At the end of the war, the Gorka remained in service in military units and then became accessible to the civilian population.

Is the Gorka 4 waterproof?

The suit is designed to be loose fitting and is windproof and waterproof. Following the traditional gorka concept, the BARS gorka is also made of tent canvas, although it is a modernised design including reinforcing pads. It is a multiseason garment and can be used in various climates.

What is a Gorka 4?

That original Gorka 4 Bars is an anorak made on order for Russian armed forces. It is used by military units of the special forces and many civilians for outdoor activities.