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What are frog lures best for?

What are frog lures best for?

Designed to mimic the color and action of the real thing, frog lures are the perfect choice for working heavy vegetation for bass. Armed with two upswept hooks, they’ll slide over stuff that a treble simply won’t, and with two legs twitching as they do, the bass can’t resist.

What lures catch frogs?


  • BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher. 4.9 star rating 8 Reviews.
  • BOOYAH Pad Crasher Jr. 4.9 star rating 8 Reviews.
  • Rebel Pop’N Frog. 4.4 star rating 5 Reviews.
  • Rebel Wee Frog. 5.0 star rating 8 Reviews.
  • Rebel Teeny Wee Frog. As low as $6.49.
  • Rebel Frog-R. As low as $5.49.
  • Rebel Buzz’n Frog. 4.6 star rating 5 Reviews.
  • BOOYAH Pad Crasher.

What is the best frog lure for bass fishing?

6 Best Frog Bass Lures: Catch More Bass With These!

  • Livetarget Hollow Body Frog.
  • BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher.
  • Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog.
  • River2Sea Spittin Wa Frog.
  • Croch Hollow Frog 18 Pack.
  • Berkley PowerBait Tree Frog.

How effective are frog lures?

With a frog, it is easy to get the lure to slide over the surface of the water, lily pad, or weeds without getting stuck. Also, think of frogs as trigger lures. Since they can effectively imitate the movement and appearance of a bass’s natural prey, a frog, they can easily entice a bass to strike.

When should you throw a frog?

The best time to throw frog lures for bass is from early summer through early fall for most of the country. Southern anglers may see success with frogs in late spring. Once water temperatures hit about 68° and up, a frog can be a really good bait rain or shine until the first frost in fall.

Do frog lures work?

Unlike lures with exposed hooks that bog down in the slop, the lightweight, weedless frogs smoothly glide over the vegetation. While it ranks as one of the best topwater lures for fishing in weeds, the frog is another option the pros use for fishing open water and around other cover.

Are frog lures good for bass?

When fishing for bass, topwater frogs are a great addition to your tackle box. A frog will open up a lot of new fishing areas for you. While it’s almost impossible to get a traditional lure through heavy cover, the frog lure works great in these scenarios.