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What are examples of gong instruments?

What are examples of gong instruments?

Examples of suspended gongs include the tam-tam, the Chinese opera gong, the Sheng Kwong gong, the Pasi gong, the wind gong (also known as a feng gong), and the tiger gong. Suspended gongs are the type of gong most commonly used as an orchestral instrument.

What is the most popular instrumental in the Philippines?

Below are 10 traditional Filipino musical instruments.

  • Kubing. This is a jaw harp made with bamboo and is one of the more well known traditional musical instruments.
  • Kulintang.
  • Kudyapi.
  • Tongali.
  • Gambal.
  • Dabakan.
  • Luntang.
  • Buktot.

What is the famous instrument in the Philippines?

Bandurria – part of rondalya ensemble, it has a shorter neck and 14-strings compared to its Spanish ancestor. Kudyapi – a two-stringed boat lute from Mindanao. Laúd – similar to the bandurria, it is ultimately of Spanish origin.

What is gong music in the Philippines?

Philippine gong music can be divided into two types: the flat gong commonly known as gangsà and played by the groups in the Cordillera region of the bossed gongs played among the Islam and animist groups in the southern Philippines.

What are the gongs in Mindanao?

In the island of Mindanao, however, bossed gongs of various profiles are played in ensembles, usually led by a row of gongs (kulintang) and supported or accompanied by other gongs such as, among the Maguindanao, and the Maranao, the agung, the gandingan and the babandil and a drum, the dabakan.

What are the music instrument used by Filipino?

Other Musical Instruments In Tagalog

Tagalog Instruments English Word
tambol drum
panghilis bow or string rod
piano piano
torotot o trumpeta thrumpet

What are the different Philippine instrumental groups?


  • ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • De La Salle Zobel Symphony Orchestra.
  • FILharmoniKA.
  • Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Manila Symphony Orchestra.
  • Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts.
  • San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra.

What is the gangsa instrument?

The gangsa is a metallophone idiophone of the Balinese people of Bali, Indonesia. It is a melodic instrument that is part of a Balinese gamelan gong kebyar.

What is the gong music of Mindanao?

Kulintang: Gong Music from Mindanao in the Southern Philippines focuses on music making by including six complete kulintang performances to demonstrate a variety of styles.

What are the 2 types of Philippine gong music?

Philippine gong music today can be geographically divided into two types: the flat gongs commonly known as gangsà unique to the groups in the Cordillera mountains and the bossed gongs of Muslim and animist groups spanning the Sulu archipelago, much of Mindanao, Palawan, and the inlands of Panay and Mindoro.

What is a gong gong?

Gonggong (/ˈɡɒŋɡɒŋ/) is a Chinese water god who is depicted in Chinese mythology and folktales as having a copper human head with an iron forehead, red hair, and the body of a serpent, or sometimes the head and torso are human, with the tail of a serpent. He is destructive and is blamed for various cosmic catastrophes.

What is the story of Gong?

The film Gong revolves around 5 students majoring in performing arts from UITM who were selected to hold a study tour for 7 days in Jogjakarta. They consist of Mira (Fasha Sandha), Trisha (Sharifah Sofea), Ika (Elyana), Rozan (Jehan Miskin) and Didi (Faizal Yusuf).

What is a kulintang set of gongs?

Kulintang is a set of gongs horizontally laid in a row. In its more common form, it consists of seven or eight gongs diminishing in size.

Is kulintang an Islamic instrument?

Although kulintang is closely associated with parts of the Philippines that are Muslim, it’s not an Islamic instrument. The music was already on the archipelago before the religion reached the area. Today, a younger generation of musicians are mixing the ancient melodies of kulintang with modern genres to keep the art alive.