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What are Bloodsets used for?

What are Bloodsets used for?

A set of medical instruments necessary for blood transfusion.

What is the gauge used for in tarkov?

Description. A device for measuring pressure in pipes, tanks and other isolated systems.

What are nails used for tarkov?

Description. A package of construction nails. In conditions of continuing crisis, they are used for the construction of temporary shelters, bunkhouses, and other mounting.

What is KEK tape used for?

The lucrative tape can also be used to combine four 30-round AK mags into one 60-round AK mag. The best crafting recipe that utilizes KEKTAPE is for the Lucky Scav Junkbox, an incredibly useful container that grants your stash an additional 196 slots for bartering items while only taking up 16 slots.

What is BT set in medical?

– Specially designed for transfusion of blood and blood components. – Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control & precise adjustment of infusion rate.

What junk Should I sell tarkov?

Weapon lights, lasers, sights, and suppressors all sell at a decent rate to traders or in the flea market depending on the item. usually a better rate than the whole gun. Graphics Cards, LEDEX, Bitcoin, Skulls, and Rollers are all very valuable both to NPCs and in the flea market.

Should I keep GP coins tarkov?

Selling GP Coins To The Traders Therapist loves GP Coins and will offer the best price for them compared to the other traders. She pays 21,480 Roubles for each GP Coin. Thus, 100 GP Coins sold for 21,480 Roubles each would earn you 2,148,000 Roubles.

What are CPU fans used for in tarkov?

Description. In conditions of total deficiency of elementary goods and conveniences, CPU cooling fans come in handy for crafty locals – wind power generators made from them charge radios, they are used as household fans, and even serve as vent intakes, replacing native heavy blades.

Where can I buy KEK tape?


  • In Buried barrel cache.
  • In Dead Scavs.
  • In Drawers.
  • In Ground caches.
  • In Sport bags.
  • In Technical supply crates.
  • In Toolboxes.

Do you need Kektape tarkov?

Uses for KEKTAPE Players will need Tarkov throughout their entire career as PMCs, as the item has different uses at many different levels. The first two cases of KEKTAPE requirements will be for upgrading the hideout, as both Lavatory level 2 and Water Collector level 2 require one.

Which needle is used in BT set?

An 18-gauge needle is standard, but a needle or catheter as small as 23-gauge can be used for transfusion if necessary. The smaller the gauge, the slower is the flow rate and the higher is the risk of clotting.

How many drops are in a BT set?

Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing having a blood filter of 200 microns. Approximately 20 drops/ml.