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What are Anglican Retirement Villages?

What are Anglican Retirement Villages?

Anglicare retirement communities offer a variety of facilities and senior living services to enhance your wellbeing and help keep you active and social. Choose from 23 Retirement Living villages across Sydney and the Illawarra with a range of studio apartments to three bedroom villas.

Is Anglican care the same as anglicare?

Anglicare is also a brand name under which many Australian Anglican community services agencies operate although they may be separate legal entities.

How many retirement villages are there in NSW?

With 14 retirement villages across New South Wales, including Newcastle, Sydney, Northern New South Wales and the South Coast, there is sure to be one near you!

What is a retirement village NSW?

A retirement village is a residential complex mainly occupied by retired people aged over 55 years who have entered into some form of contractual arrangement with the owner.

What is retirement home in Australia?

A retirement village provides people with independent accommodation and may include shared facilities, such as: meeting rooms. libraries. pools.

Who owns Anglican Care?

Newcastle Anglican Corporation Board
Anglican Care is governed by Newcastle Anglican Corporation Board.

Is anglicare part of the Anglican Church?

As of 1 July 2016, Anglicare Sydney (also known as Sydney Anglican Home Mission Society) and Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV) officially merge, taking the legal name of ‘Anglican Community Services’.

What is over 55 property in Australia?

An over 55’s complex is a community of homes and facilities that have been designed specifically for those who are still able to live an independent life in their own home. As the name suggests, anyone who is over the age of 55 can live in this type of complex whether you are retired or still working part time.

What age can you move into a retirement village?

Commonly retirement villages will have an age criteria of either 70 or 75 years however some allow entry at 65 or even 60 years.

Is anglicare a not for profit Organisation?

About Anglicare Australia Anglicare Australia is currently endorsed as an income tax exempt charity.