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What album is stubborn love by the Lumineers?

What album is stubborn love by the Lumineers?

The LumineersStubborn Love / AlbumThe Lumineers is the debut studio album by American folk rock band the Lumineers. The album was released in the United States on April 3, 2012, and contains the singles “Ho Hey”, “Stubborn Love” and “Submarines”. The album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. Wikipedia

Who is Wesley Schultz wife?

Brandy SchultzWesley Schultz / Wife (m. 2014)

Why did Neyla Pekarek leave the Lumineers?

After writing, recording & touring the past eight years, Neyla has decided to leave the Lumineers to pursue her solo career. We wish her nothing but the best.

What was the Lumineers biggest hit?

Ho Hey
The Lumineers are best known for their Top 10 single Ho Hey and their Number 1 album Cleopatra.

What was the Lumineers first album?

The Lumineers (Japan Version)The Lumineers / First album

Why are they called Lumineers?

Their band name has more than one meaning. “We were playing a small club in Jersey City, N.J.,” explains Schultz, “and there was a band out there at the time called Lumineers who were slotted for the same time, same day, the next week. The person running the show that night [mistakenly] announced us as The Lumineers.”

How old is Wesley Schultz?

39 years (December 30, 1982)Wesley Schultz / Age

What genre is Wesley Schultz?

PopWesley Schultz / Genre

Is Wesley Schultz married?

Brandy SchultzWesley Schultz / Spouse (m. 2014)

What genre is Lumineers?

Alternative/IndieThe Lumineers / Genre

When did The Lumineers release Stubborn Love?

Stubborn Love. ” Stubborn Love ” is a song by American folk rock band The Lumineers. It was released in 2012 as the second single from their debut self-titled studio album.

Who is the singer of the song Stubborn Love?

Stubborn Love. Jump to navigation Jump to search. “Stubborn Love” is a song by American folk rock band The Lumineers.

When did The Lumineers release their first album?

The 2012 debut full length album from the Grammy-nominated band, The Lumineers. Featuring the hit singles “Ho Hey” “Stubborn Love” and “Submarines” In 2011, an eponymous, self-recorded EP led to touring, and before long The Lumineers started attracting devout fans.

What is the name of the Lumineers’2012 single?

Stubborn Love. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 2012 single by The Lumineers. “Stubborn Love”. #N#Single by The Lumineers. from the album The Lumineers. Released. October 3, 2012.