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Should I use BMW screenwash?

Should I use BMW screenwash?

It said: “By this logic, owners should only ever use BMW washer fluid or risk falling foul of this implied warranty clause.” BMW said: “It’s imperative that the correct concentration of washer additive is added during all top-ups to the screenwash reservoir.”

Does it matter what screen wash you use?

It really all depends on what type of screen wash you’re buying, and what the instructions are. There’s “ready mixed” screen wash, also known as concentrated screen wash which doesn’t require mixing with water, the easiest way to know if you’ve got concentrated wash is to check the size of the bottle…

Why is my screen wash like jelly?

It can occur inside the filler tank or when the fluid is sprayed onto the windscreen. The answer is to empty the screen washer tank, flush with water and then refill using water & a single screen washer agent at the recommended solution.

Can you use any Screenwash in BMW?

Instead, it simply states: “Do not mix any screenwash concentrates of different manufacturers, as this may otherwise block the washer nozzles.” We called BMW and its spokeswoman initially said: “It’s imperative that the correct concentration of washer additive is added during all top-ups to the screenwash reservoir.

What kind of washer fluid does BMW use?

But i do add that BMW stuff you speak of.. it is BMW’s Concentrated de-icer washer fluid.. its intension is to add 1 bottle of that stuff to commercially available stuff. ( blue bug juice) The BMW stuff is expensive for the little bottle, but lets just say i have unlimited supply.. Note on BMW stuff..

Can I use any windshield washer fluid in BMW?

If you own a BMW, you need to buy this windshield washer concentrate. This is the best price I could find it at and you CANNOT use the other brands or generic washer fluid.

Can I just put water in my screen wash?

Can I just use water? It is best to use a screenwash as these have been specially formulated to effectively clear your windscreen. Water will not contain the cleaning agents that screenwash has, so may not be able to remove tough dirt such as tree sap. Water also has a freezing point of 0ºC.

Can you mix different brands of Screenwash?

There is nothing dangerous about mixing brands of washer fluids. The chemicals used in the solutions are not volatile and would not combust or present any danger if combined together.

Can Screenwash go off?

As long as it’s not opened, there’d be little to no oxidation effects (if that’s an effect at all). Even opened, I doubt there’s little issue. As long as the liquid is without lumps (which I doubt would occur anyway), there’s just about no downside to using it.