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Is Wordfast Pro free?

Is Wordfast Pro free?

Please fill out the form below to get a free 30-day license for Wordfast Pro (version 6 or above).

How do I obtain a Wordfast Pro license?

Three steps to license Wordfast Pro on your computer

  1. Step one: Find out what your current install number is. Open Wordfast Pro and go to Help menu / License Management.
  2. Step two: Generate licence file at our website.
  3. Step three: Load the licence file in Wordfast Pro.

Is Wordfast Classic free?

Wordfast Anywhere (WFA) is a FREE online translation memory tool that allows translators to work on projects from anywhere they have a web browser.

What is Wordfast Pro?

Wordfast Pro allows you to configure and export translation packages for fast, seamless translation management. Your translators can simply drag and drop to import the package, translate the files, and export for round-trip delivery. You can also directly import SDL Trados packages. Support for Multiple File Formats.

How do I use Wordfast Pro?

You can translate files using Wordfast Pro as follows:

  1. Create/open a project (“File” menu)
  2. Create/open a translation memory (“Translation Memory” menu > “New/Select TM”).
  3. “Open” the source file you want to translate (“File” menu).
  4. Insert the translation in the target cell and move to the next segment using Alt+Down.

How does Wordfast Anywhere work?

WFA frees translators from their desktop applications and allows them to work on translation projects from anywhere they have a web browser. By storing TMs, glossaries and files in a secure workspace on a centralized server, translators can access their data even when they are away from their home or office.

Is memoQ free?

Yes, we have a free 30-day trial version via our website, here. You can download memoQ translator pro trial version by clicking on the “Start trial” option on the product page. Read more about starting your trial period here.

How do I use Wordfast Anywhere?

With Wordfast Anywhere, there is no need to download or install any software. Simply go to to launch the most up-to-date version of WFA, and begin translating instantly. WFA offers each user a private, password-protected workspace on our centralized server.

Which CAT tool is the best?

List of Top Free CAT Tools

  • CafeTran Espresso.
  • Across.
  • OmegaT.
  • Wordfast Anywhere.
  • SmartCAT.
  • SDL Trados Studio.
  • MemoQ.
  • XTM Cloud.

How do I create a TM in Wordfast Pro?

To create a local TM:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 2 from section Selecting translation memory settings.
  2. In the left pane, select Translation Memory > TM List.
  3. Click Create TM.
  4. Enter or browse the location for the local TM.
  5. Enter a file name for the new local TM and click Save.
  6. Enter a Symbolic name for the Local TM.

Is WFA free?

Free of Charge Wordfast Anywhere is offered for free to all translators, regardless of whether you have a Wordfast license. (Extended features may be introduced in the future and accessible with a paid subscription.)