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Is Webex a webcast?

Is Webex a webcast?

You can host a webinar in webcast view using a video system connected to the Webex Meetings desktop app.

What is the difference between Webex and webinar?

In webinars Only host, cohosts, and panelists can view the attendee list. Only host, cohosts, and panelists can view the attendee list. Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings is included in plans supporting 3000 or more users and as an add-on for plans supporting up to 1000 users.

What is Cisco webcast?

Secure, integrated audio, video, and content sharing from any device, anywhere.

How do I stream live video on Webex?

Sign in to your Webex site and start your meeting, webinar, or event. and select Start live streaming. Live streaming isn’t available during a practice session in a webinar or event. (Optional) Click Change streaming layouts to set the video layout of your stream.

What is a webcast view?

Webcast meaning. A webcast is a (live) online broadcast of the audio or video feed from your meeting or event. Terms such as web event, web lecture, virtual event, online seminar or webinar are also often used.

What are the different types of Webex meetings?

There are four different user role types that Webex uses, Host, Presenter, Panelist, and Attendee.

Is a webcast the same as a webinar?

Webinars (web based seminars) are designed for collaboration and interaction, like chatting, polls and Q&A. Webcasts (web based broadcasts) are used for one-way mass communication without any engagement from the audience.

Is Webex free to use?

A free video conferencing experience. Sign up to get a free Webex plan. You’ll get meetings with 100 participants, HD video, screen sharing, messaging, interactive whiteboarding, a personal room, and so much more.

How many participants can you have on Webex?

Webex Service Type Capacity
Webex Free Offer 100
Webex Meetings 1000
Webex Events (Classic) 3000
Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events (New)) 10,000 (500 hosts, cohosts, and panelists) Based on plan capacity purchased with a maximum of up to 10,000 participants and 500 hosts, cohosts, and panelists.

Can Webex live stream to YouTube?

Hosts can stream their Webex meetings, webinars, or events on YouTube with YouTube Live, without downloading or installing any plug-ins. This allows hosts to connect with large audiences on social media by easily sharing their video and content using the Webex controls.

How do I create a live event in Webex?

Sign in to your Webex site and select Webex Events (classic). On the left navigation bar, go to Host an Event > Schedule an Event. Enter the event information, such as the registration requirements, date, audio settings, and attendees.