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Is WD-40 toxic when heated?

Is WD-40 toxic when heated?

Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces.

Is WD-40 considered a hazardous material?

This product is an aspiration hazard. If swallowed, can enter the lungs and may cause chemical pneumonitis, severe lung damage and death.

Is WD-40 an aerosol can?

WD-40 ® Multi-Use Lubricant – 16oz Aerosol Can – 490088 – Pkg Qty 12.

Why does WD-40 have a straw?

Since 1953, WD-40’s original formula has solved 2,000 other problems in garages, fabrication shops, industrial yards and more… anywhere you need a job done right. Save time and money with regular tool maintenance: Use WD-40 Smart-Straw to keep moisture from corroding precision and power tools.

At what temperature does WD-40 ignite?

Flammability: Yes. Flash point: 47°C (liquid phase) Explosive limits: 0.6-8.2% vol.

Is WD-40 flammable after it dries?

Is It Flammable When Dry? WD40 is combustible when dry, rather than flammable, and it burns with little smoke or heat. The main components of WD40 are petrochemical distillates, so this should come as no surprise.

Is WD-40 flammable when dry?

What is WD-40 aerosol?

WD-40 Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. It even removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces.

What is WD-40 spray used for?

Top WD-40 Home Uses: Helps remove paint from tile flooring. Keeps sewing machine wheels turning smoothly. Loosens and penetrates rusted or stuck plumbing joints. Loosens rusted bolts.

What is the red stick on the WD40?

WD-40 ® Multi-Use Smart Straw Multi Purpose Penetrant Spray The WD-40 Smart Straw has a precision applicator in order to penetrate stuck or jammed parts and provide essential lubrication, as well as displacing moisture, so you can protect your hard-to-reach parts.

Can WD-40 explode?

Extremely Flammable Aerosol. Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, and hot surfaces.