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Is Vari a good standing desk?

Is Vari a good standing desk?

With excellent build quality, simple assembly and superb cable management features, Vari’s Electric Standing Desk has rightfully earned its place among the best standing desk. There are also several desktop sizes and finishes to choose from so you can find the right desk for your workspace.

What is comparable to VariDesk?

The Best VariDesk Alternatives

  • VertDesk Converter – Best Z-Lift VariDesk Alternative.
  • Flexispot M2 35″ – Best X-Lift VariDesk Alternative.
  • Ergotron WorkFit-T – Best Ergonomic VariDesk Alternative.
  • Duke Platform – Best Post & Base VariDesk Alternative.
  • The VertDesk v3 – Best Electric VariDesk Alternative.

Is VariDesk worth the price?

The Vari ProDesk 60 Electric is simply not worth the cost. It may be a serviceable product, but that doesn’t mean it should cost as much as it does. Either save your money or look into premium alternatives – your shins will thank you.

Is Vari the same as VariDesk?

The same great sit-stand solutions you love—and so much more.

Are Vari desks made of wood?

See, the boards that make up the pattern of the desktop aren’t actual wood, they’re printed on a laminate cover over an engineered core—I’d guess MDF wood.

Does Varidesk have anti collision?

The motors Vari uses on these desks feature anti-collision technology so the desk won’t continue moving down if there is an object (or person) in the way.

Where is VariDesk made?

With an overall rating of 7.7 out of 10, the VariDesk ProDesk 60 Electric was the seventh highest rated desk we have tested to date. Made in China, this was the best desk we have seen coming from that area.

How heavy is the VariDesk?

Dual-Handle Design

VariDesk Pro Plus 36 VariDesk Essential 36
Product Weight 52.15lb 53.32lb
Weight Capacity 35lb 25lb
Converter Width 36″ 36″
Necessary Desk Depth 25.75″ 25.75″

When did VariDesk become Vari?

Feb. 24, 2020
DALLAS, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the company known worldwide as VariDesk announces it is now Vari – a workspace innovation company.

Is VariDesk solid wood?

Varidesk’s Offerings Don’t expect real “reclaimed wood” or “butcher block,” though there’s no disclaimer on the website to tell you so. The only specific information they give on their laminate technology is that it’s “hardened,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

How thick is the Vari standing desk?

1.5 inches thick
The MDF desktop of the Vari is 1.5 inches thick, double that of the bamboo top on my Fully (and many similar designs).