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Is UK and Indian shirt size same?

Is UK and Indian shirt size same?

For apparels, US size 2 is equivalent to UK size 4 and European size 32. The Indian textile sector currently follows the universal size measurement standard categorised as ‘XS’ (Extra Small), ‘S’ (Small), ‘L’ (Large), ‘M’ (Medium), ‘L’ (Large), ‘XL (Extra Large) and so on.

Is UK and Indian Size same?

This also rings true for the Indian shoe sizes, which are exactly the same as the UK shoe sizes.

What will be UK size in India?

UK/India Length (in cm) US
6.5 25 7.5
7 25.25 8
7.5 25.5 8.5
8 26 9

What is my UK shirt size?

Women’s Clothing Sizes

UK Sizes Europen Sizes
S 8 36
10 38
M 12 40
14 42

What is XL size in India?

Shirt size chart (India) for all body types. Shirts in 11 standard sizes (up to XXXL Shirts), in 3 fits and in custom size covering Men of all shapes and sizes….Shirt Size Converter (Letter to Number)

Letter (means) Number Neck
L Size (Large) 42 Size 42 cm
L Size (Large) 43 Size 43 cm
XL Size (Extra Large) 44 Size 44 cm

What UK size means?

In Great Britain and Ireland, women’s shoe sizes run two numbers lower than American shoe sizes. For example, a U.S. size 8 is a U.K. size 6, and a U.S. size 7.5 is a U.K. size 5.5. For men’s shoes, the sizes run one number lower. Therefore, a U.S. size 9 is a U.K. size 8, and a U.S. size 9.5 is a U.K. 8.5.

What is the UK size?

Tips When Buying in UK Sizes If you are a woman go for higher size than your US size when buying clothes. If you are a US 4, in UK size, you will be a UK 8. If you are a man, go for the same size when buying clothes. For example, a size US 30-32 is the same as a UK 30-32.

What is my size in UK?

What size is medium in UK?


Global Size UK USA
Small 8-10 4-6
Medium 12 8
Large 14-16 10-12
X-Large 18 14

What is L size shirt?

L Size (Large) 42 Size. 42 cm. L Size (Large) 43 Size.

What is M size in India?

Shirt Size Converter (Letter to Number)

Letter (means) Number Neck
M Size (Medium) 40 Size 40 cm
M Size (Medium) 41 Size 41 cm
L Size (Large) 42 Size 42 cm
L Size (Large) 43 Size 43 cm