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Is Totie Fields still living?

Is Totie Fields still living?

August 2, 1978Totie Fields / Date of death

How old is Totie Fields?

48 years (1930–1978)Totie Fields / Age at death

Who are totie and George?

Totie married George William Johnston, Jr. in 1950. Georgie (as he came to be known) was a fellow comic in Boston who, over time, worked solely with Totie as her musical director. The couple soon moved to Brooklyn, NY and became the parents of two daughters—Jody was born in 1952 and Debbie was born in 1955.

When was Totie Fields born?

May 7, 1930Totie Fields / Date of birth
Totie Fields was born on May 7, 1927 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She was an actress, known for That’s Life (1968), Medical Center (1969) and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (1967). She was married to George William Johnston. She died on August 2, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Who is tody fields married to?

George William JohnstonTotie Fields / Spouse (m. 1950–1978)

What happened Tony Fields?

Fields died of HIV-related cancer in 1995.

Is Totie Fields married?

Did Totie Fields lose a leg?

Totie Fields, the raucous‐voiced nightclub comedienne whose jokes about her obesity and whose struggle to resume her career after the amputation of her left leg two years ago won her the affection of millions, died yesterday in Las Vegas, Nev. She was 48 years old and lived in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles.

Was Totie Fields married?

Is Tony Fields still alive?

February 27, 1995Tony Fields / Date of death

Where is Totie Fields buried?

Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries, Los Angeles, CATotie Fields / Place of burial

How old was comedian Totie Fields when she died?

What happened to Totie Fields daughter Jody?

She had a right mastectomy soon after. Totie and George had 2 daughters, Jody Fields Johnston born in 1952 and Debbie Fields born in 1955. Totie’s elder daughter, Jody Johnston was a director of the Rainbow Company, a Vegas-based troupe of child actors many of whom were handicapped,.

Why did Sophie Fields change her name to Totie?

She was born in Hartford, but moved to Boston as a child. Her real name was Sophie Feldman. She adopted Totie because she said that was the way she pronounced Sophie when she was small. Later she switched from Feldman to Fields — “a show business gesture,” she said.

How old was tawny fields when she died?

She was 48 years old and lived in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles. A statement issued by her family said that Miss Fields died in her home at about 7 A.M. “of apparent heart failure.”

What happened to Totie Fields ashes?

Her ashes were interred in Las Vegas; however, after her husband George Johnston’s death in January 1995, her remains were moved to the Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles to be interred with his. ^ “Totie Fields eulogized for paving way for women”. Eugene Register-Guard.