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Is Todd Manning returning to GH?

Is Todd Manning returning to GH?

On March 9, 2021, Franco was killed off but Howarth himself revealed that he’s not leaving GH. He revealed that he will temporarily be off-screen for a while. Howarth returned on May 27, 2021 as a new character named Dr.

Why is Roger Howarth playing a new character on GH?

Howarth originally joined GH in March 2012 as his ONE LIFE TO LIVE character Todd Manning, but legal complications forced the soap to find him a new role in 2013, and they chose to have him take over as Franco, a character originally played by actor James Franco.

Who was the real Todd Manning?

Thomas Todd Manning is a fictional character from the American daytime drama One Life to Live (OLTL). Created by writer Michael Malone, the role was originated in 1992 by actor Roger Howarth….Todd Manning.

Brothers Victor Lord, Jr.
Sisters Tina Lord
Half-brothers Tony Lord
Half-sisters Victoria Lord Meredith Lord

How old is Roger Howarth?

53 years (September 13, 1968)Roger Howarth / Age

Is Heather Webber coming back to General Hospital?

Another blast from the past. ABC has confirmed what Soap Opera Digest first reported that Robin Mattson is returning to “General Hospital” as Heather Webber.

What is Roger Howarth doing?

General Hospital star Roger Howarth is working on his third role in Port Charles. He started off on the medical drama playing his One Life to Live persona Todd Manning. Then, he became eccentric artist Franco Baldwin, who sadly was killed off last year.

Is Roger Howarth leaving GH in 2021?

Roger Howarth “You’re killin’ us!” we cried while watching the March 9, 2021, episode of General Hospital. But, in fact, it was Franco that the soap was killing. Thankfully, his portrayer soon revealed to Soap Opera Digest that his exit would only be temporary.

Is Jason coming back to General Hospital?

He’d continue playing Jason until his exit in November 2021. Burton’s latest departure was due to his refusal to follow the show’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate. Jason was written off the show when he was presumed dead in a tunnel collapse. Although the character’s dead, the show left it open for a possible return.

Who was Todd married to on All My Children?

Todd marries his lawyer, Téa Delgado, in 1997 to help him win custody of Starr, which he does. Téa originally marries Todd because of the money he has paid her, but the two become much closer, and eventually Todd admits that he is in love with Téa and proposes true marriage.

How old is Laura Wright?

51 years (September 11, 1970)Laura Wright / Age

How old is Kelly Thiebaud?

39 years (August 28, 1982)Kelly Thiebaud / Age

Is Robin Mattson returning to GH?