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Is there nudity in Poetic Justice?

Is there nudity in Poetic Justice?

There is also an incident of over-consumption of alcohol and a sexual encounter, although no nudity. The romance centers around Justice (Jackson), a hairdresser and poet, and Lucky (Shakur), a post office worker, who end up on a road trip after Justice’s friend, Lesha (

Who got killed in Poetic Justice?

Justice, played by a refreshingly unslick Janet Jackson in a beguiling film debut, is a gum-chewing L.A. beautician who wears attitude like armor. In the prologue, she watches her dealer boyfriend (Q-Tip) get killed at a local drive-in. Two years later, Justice is still in mourning.

Is Poetic Justice on Netflix?

Poetic Justice is not currently available to stream on Netflix.

What was wrong with Heywood in Poetic Justice?

The sad news that Heywood receives over the phone is never revealed. According to John Singleton, he left it open for viewers to imagine on their own, but in the DVD commentary he mentions it might be something related to AIDS.

How old do you have to be to watch poetic justice?

Appropriate Ages: 12 and up. What It’s About: Justice (Janet Jackson), a young hairdresser/poet, tries to cope with life in South Central Los Angeles after her boyfriend is murdered. Will Kids Want to Watch It?

Is poetic justice a love story?

Poetic Justice is a love story. Its focus is the relationship between Justice (Janet Jackson) and Lucky (Tupac Shakur). Their karmic trip to Oakland, Calif., from Los Angeles provides each with a hard-earned lesson in love. With the death of her first true love, Justice mourns daily at her job as a hairdresser.

What happened to lucky cousin in Poetic Justice?

When the trio finally arrive in Oakland, they are met with the news that Lucky’s cousin, with whom he had been working on recording music, has been killed.

How did Poetic Justice end?

At the end of the film, the hero’s friend was shot dead. Now comes a film told from the point of view of a young woman in the same neighborhood – Justice, played by Janet Jackson. At the beginning of the film she’s on a date at a drive-in theater with her boyfriend.

Where can I find Poetic Justice?

Watch Poetic Justice | Prime Video.

What app can i watch Poetic Justice free?

Watch Poetic Justice Online Free – Crackle.

What happened to Chicago in Poetic Justice?

Lucky initially decides not to get involved in the fight until Justice defends Iesha by kicking Chicago in the groin, and Chicago turns his physical brutality on Justice in retaliation. Lucky, Justice, along with a bleeding and shaken Iesha leave Chicago by the side of the road and continue on their journey.

Did Janet Jackson write the poetry in Poetic Justice?

Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Regina King are among the movie’s leads, but I would argue that its breakout star is Maya Angelou(!!), who plays Aunt June in the movie and who also wrote all the poetry attributed to Justice, Jackson’s character.