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Is there anything in the Grand reef Subnautica?

Is there anything in the Grand reef Subnautica?

The Grand Reef is home to a limited amount of fauna, including the large bottom-dwelling Sea Treader Leviathans, as well as two massive Ghost Leviathans. It is also known for its unique types of flora, from the many luminous Anchor Pods to the peculiar Membrain Trees.

Is the sparse reef safe?

The Sparse Reef, as its name implied, is a very sparse area and only a few fauna and flora live here. That is why this area is relatively safe, with the exception of bleeders dwelling in the deeper area and tiger plants. It is also quite deep, and for some reason there’s a green hue in the water of sparse reef.

How deep is the Grand reef in Subnautica?


No. ID 413040519
Category Biome
Type Surface, Aquatic
Depth Range 150 – 480 meters (Grand Reef), 120 – 420 meters (Cave) 170 – 360 meters (Sea Treader’s Path), 425 – 630 meters (Deep Grand Reef)
Temperature Range 13.5℃ – 16.1℃

How many Reaper Leviathans are in the Grand Reef?

There are a total of twenty-five Reaper Leviathans in game.

Can you find the Degasi ship in Subnautica?

Where is the degasi ship? There are only the survivors’ seabases. The Degasi survivors used the remains of there ship to make threre island base, so there is no ship to find.

What is the scariest biome in Subnautica?

Subnautica: 5 Scary Biomes You Can’t Avoid (And 5 You Can)

  1. 1 Avoid: Crater Edge. 3 Adult Ghost Leviathans Attacking Cyclops.
  2. 2 Explore: Lost River.
  3. 3 Avoid: Dunes.
  4. 4 Explore: Grand Reef.
  5. 5 Avoid: Bulb/Koosh Zone.
  6. 6 Explore: Jellyshroom Cave.
  7. 7 Avoid: Crag Field.
  8. 8 Explore: Blood Kelp Zone.

What are the safest biomes in Subnautica?

Safe Shallows.

  • Grassy Plateaus.
  • Kelp Forest.
  • Mushroom Forest.
  • Sea Treader’s Path.
  • Jellyshroom Caves.
  • Lost River.
  • Bulb Zone.
  • Is there a ghost leviathan in the deep Grand Reef?

    FULL-SIZED Ghost Leviathan Now Spawns in Grand Reef!!! For those of you who use experimental mode, careful venturing into the Grand Reef biome because a single full-sized ghost leviathan now spawns there. It does 84 damage per hit, making it deadlier than the reaper leviathan!

    What is the Grand Reef in Subnautica?

    The Grand Reef is the third largest biome in Subnautica. There are actually only 3 types of Flora in the Grand Reef: Anchor Pods, Gel sacks, and Membrain Trees. Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material. The Grand Reef was planned to house a Warp Gate Cache that linked to the Primary Containment Facility.

    Where is the abandoned base in the Grand Reef?

    The abandoned base is in the DEEP Grand Reef. Its a slightly deeper area that has a green tinge to the area. There are 2 entrances. One is near a large wreck at around 350ish meters???

    Is the terrain confusing in the deep Grand Reef?

    The terrain can be confusing but be aware of when you enter underwater cave systems as they usually are mini-biomes in themselves. The Deep Grand Reef houses the deep Degasi Seabase. I’m in the Deep Grand Reef and my scanner room is picking up all of those resources OP.

    What is the deep Grand Reef and is it dangerous?

    The Deep Grand Reef is a large cave system located beneath the Grand Reef, featuring many hydrothermal vents. It is accessed by cracks or holes found in the Grand Reef and is considerably more dangerous than it.