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Is there any side effects of Supari Pak?

Is there any side effects of Supari Pak?

There are no side effects of Baidyanath Supari Pak as such.

Is Supari Pak good for men?

Rex Halwa Supari Pak is a Unani preparation for both women and men, it acts on the reproductive system and helps in the management of health conditions. The main action of this pak is observed on the excess secretions due to its astringent action, thus it may help to treat leucorrhoea in women and spermatorrhea in men.

What is Hamdard Supari Pak?

Hamdard Supari Pak Powder is an Unani herbal formulation that benefits both men and women alike. Supari Pak is the powder of washed betel nuts cut in smaller parts and then dried under shade.

What are the ingredients of Supari?

Ingredients: Majeeth, Chhalia, Chhuara, Sheere Gao, Aarad Moong, Gond Biryan, Nishasta Biryan, Maghz Badam Biryan, Ghee, Qand Safaid, Gokhru, Chunea Gond, Maghz Narjeel, Salab Misri, Darchini, Laung, Elaichi Khurd, Sonth, Gule Pista, Gule Supari, Jaiphal, Chhal Kachnal, Chhal Keekar, Chhal Sankhaoli, Zafran.

What are the benefits of eating Supari?

Betel nut is used to improve energy levels and is used in situations when high concentration and mental alertness are needed. By chewing on betel nut, you can cure indigestion. Betel nut offers a lot of health benefits in constipation and diarrhea problems.

How use majun Supari in Pakistan?

DOSAGE: To be taken 5 gram or half teaspoon twice in a day with 250 ml milk. Store in a dry cool place. keep away from children’s reach.

What are the benefits of Supari?

What is the price of Supari Pak?

Dr. Asma Herbals Supari Pak Powder [ 100gram x 2pc ] to Restore w… Dabur Triphala Churna Ayurvedic Remedy for Gastro Intestinal Heal……Dabur Supari Pak 125 g ( pack of 3) (125 g)

Model Name Supari Pak 125 g ( pack of 3)
Container Type plastic bottle
Sales Package 3 bottle
Applied For Anti-cellulite
Paraben Free Yes

Is supari harmful?

In the year 2004, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified areca nut (supari) as carcinogenic to humans. This means, chewing of Supari can also cause cancer, even though the contents of supari do not have tobacco or magnesium carbonate added to it.

Is supari good for diabetes?

NASHIK: Those who like chewing supari as a mouth freshener now have another disease to worry about apart from cancer. Studies collated recently show that supari, or areca nut, can also cause metabolic syndromes, including obesity and diabetes.

What is majun suranjan?

Rex Majoon Suranjan is formulated to assist in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis. The ingredients used in the product contain anti-inflammatory properties and provides comfort in the condition of joint pain and Sciatica.

What is majun Falasfa?

Hamdard Majun Falasfa is recommended for Strengthens kidneys, bladder, and nerves. Directions of use: Hamdard Majun Falasfa 10Grams to be taken early in the morning before breakfast or at bedtime with water or milk or as directed by the Physician. Use under medical supervision.

What is Supari Pak used for?

However, its main remedy is Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), which is given with Misri (sugar) and cow’s milk. For additional supports, Supari Pak is used to tone the uterine musculature and restores its natural functions. The general dosage of Supari Pak is as follows.

Can Supari Pak be taken for leucorrhea?

In mild cases of leucorrhea, Supari Pak alone can provide good results. If one has foul smelling discharge, thick discharge or yellowish or greenish discharge, then the following combination works food. This mixture in given dosage should be taken twice daily for 1 to 3 months depending on the severity.

How to make Supari powder?

Nowadays, it is famous formulation used for the maintenance of the women’s health. It is also called majun supari pak in Unani Medicine. Supari (Betel Nuts) are cut into smaller parts and then washed in water. Leave then for drying under shade and then grind them to make a fine powder. The powder of Supari, milk and ghee are mixed together.

Is Supari Pak good for high calcium levels?

Supari (Betel Nut), the main ingredient of Supari Pak, increases calcium absorption in the intestine and reduces potassium level. Therefore, patients with high calcium level and low potassium level should avoid it.