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Is there a scrappage scheme for old cars?

Is there a scrappage scheme for old cars?

Car scrappage schemes might seem like a relic of the past, but there are some projects still out there. They’re no longer government-backed, but they do still offer useful discounts. Pretty easy to understand too. Drive your old car to a dealership.

What happened to all the cars from the scrappage scheme?

The Petition’s supporters want the release of cars still being kept in storage years after the scrappage scheme ended. Under the Government-backed initiative 45 classic Jaguar XJSs, 655 Minis and 572 MGs were scrapped.

Will there be a new scrappage scheme in 2021?

The scrappage scheme aims to help Londoners on low incomes or with disabilities ditch their older, more polluting vehicles and switch to cleaner models, ahead of the Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion in October 2021 up to, but not including, the North and South Circular roads.

What qualifies for scrappage scheme?

To prevent people from using anything vaguely resembling a car to trade in, the vehicle must have been registered in the new buyer’s name for at least 18 months prior to the registration of the new car. The car being scrapped must also have held a valid NCT no more than 90 days before being traded in.

When did the government scrappage scheme end?

The scheme was extended in September 2009 and again in February 2010 and it finished at the end of March 2010. In February 2010, a separate Plug-in Car Grant to provide £5,000 towards the cost of electric vehicles was announced and it began in January 2011.

Will there be a scrappage scheme in 2022?

Over time, car manufacturers have started offering this government-backed vehicle scrappage scheme as well. This year, besides London and Birmingham city council, three manufacturers are offering a part-exchange through the car scrappage scheme 2022.

Which car manufacturers are offering scrappage schemes?

Manufacturers currently offering scrappage schemes

  • Ford Scrappage Scheme.
  • Hyundai Scrappage Scheme.
  • Kia Scrappage Scheme.
  • Mazda Scrappage Scheme.
  • Toyota Scrappage Scheme.

Is the government scrappage scheme still on?

No government plans for new scrappage scheme It was reported a few years ago that the UK government was considering offering a £6,000 incentive scheme to get more people into electric cars, but this has been officially ruled out.

Is the scrappage scheme still going?