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Is there a problem with WestJet website?

Is there a problem with WestJet website? is UP and reachable by us.

How do I contact WestJet customer service?

(888) 937-8538WestJet / Customer service

Can someone else use my WestJet dollars?

You may transfer WestJet dollars to another member, subject to a transfer fee of $50 plus applicable taxes. You may use your WestJet dollars to purchase a booking for another individual so long as you make the booking on behalf of the other individual.

Do WestJet dollars expire?

WestJet dollars directly earned from purchase transactions with WestJet or its partners, including a WestJet Credit Card, will no longer expire. We refer to these as base WestJet dollars as they represent the base amount, or minimum, you earn on eligible transactions.

What has happened to WestJet?

When the pandemic was declared in March 2020, WestJet suspended all international flights and provided affected customers with credit for a future trip. Following public outcry, the airline changed its tune in October 2020, announcing it would offer customers refunds for flights the airline had cancelled.

How do you upload QR code to WestJet?

Requirements to fly

  1. Download your proof of vaccination QR Code. QR codes can be obtained from your provincial or national issuing authority.
  2. Ensure the name on the QR Code matches the name(s) on the booking.
  3. Save your QR Code (image file or PDF)
  4. Upload your QR Code during online check-in.

Is WestJet call center 24 hours?

We offer TTY phone service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone: 1-877-952-0100.

Can you contact WestJet by email?

Toll-free: 1-866-693-7853. Email: [email protected].

What is my WestJet ID number?

Upon the successful creation of your account you will be assigned a 9-digit WestJet Rewards ID.

Can I use my airline credit for someone else?

Normally, a future flight credit is non-transferrable and therefore must be used by the same traveler it was issued to. However, all future flight credits that were issued for tickets purchased on or before August 31, 2021, can now be used to book travel for anyone, including yourself, friends, or family.

Can I sell my WestJet credit to someone else?

Yes, Travel Bank credits can be transferred to another WestJet Reward’s account upon request through our contact centre.

What does teal mean on WestJet?

So when we welcome you to the WestJet Rewards family, it’s as a Teal member. Starting with your first dollar and up to $2,999 in tier qualifying spend1, you’ll enjoy a 0.5% earn rate on eligible WestJet flights, as well as 0.5% on eligible WestJet Vacations packages.