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Is there a part 2 to Battle of Los Angeles?

Is there a part 2 to Battle of Los Angeles?

A sequel has been rumored but never confirmed. The film is available on Netflix and I do recommend it just for the cinematic experience. Although this film is not based on a video game, it certainly feels like it and for that, you might say it’s the best video game to cinematic experience thus far.

Is Battle Los Angeles based on a true story?

Sony Pictures has used the real-life Battle of Los Angeles as a powerful vehicle with which to promote the movie, with theatrical trailers, TV commercials and the film’s official website invoking the 1942 incident and similar events that reportedly took place in Buenos Aires, Seoul and London.

Was Battle Los Angeles a success?

“Battle” won the weekend box office , with $36 million. What other films deserve congratulations (or condolences) for their weekend performances?

How much money did Battle: Los Angeles make?

211.8 million USDBattle Los Angeles / Box office

Is Neo in Battle: Los Angeles?

R&B singer Ne-Yo joins the cast of sci-fi war movie Battle: Los Angeles. R&B singer Ne-Yo has joined the cast of sci-fi war movie Battle: Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ne-Yo’s previous big screen credits include Save The Last Dance 2 and Stomp The Yard.

How much did battle la cost?

70 million USD (2011)Battle Los Angeles / Budget

Is the movie in battle a true story?

The 2011 movie Battle: Los Angeles, starring Aaron Eckhart, tells the tale of an alien invasion, and it’s actually inspired by a weird true story.

Who died in battle of LA?

Male Deaths

  • Neil Brown Jr. [ LCpl. Richard Guerrero]
  • Noel Fisher [Pfc. Shaun Lenihan]
  • Taylor Handley [LCpl. Corey Simmons]
  • James Hiroyuki Liao [LCpl. Steve Mottola]
  • Jim Parrack [LCpl. Peter Kerns]
  • Michael Pena [Joe Rincon]
  • Gino Anthony Pesi [Cpl. Nick Stavrou]
  • Ramon Rodriguez [2nd Lt. William Martinez]

Is Battle: Los Angeles accurate?

While Johnston lauds the filmmakers’ commitment to getting the military aspects of the film right, that doesn’t mean everything in Battle: Los Angeles hits that high standard of accuracy.