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Is there a Kinsey Millhone Z book?

Is there a Kinsey Millhone Z book?

A new, last Kinsey Millhone book was intended to be released in 2019 with the title Z is For Zero, however, while the author did have a working title for the book, it was never finished. The author’s very first words in the A is For Alibi, will forever remain for posterity: My name is Kinsey Millhone.

What did Kinsey Millhone look like?

Kinsey is described as 5’6″ tall, and weighs about 118 pounds. She has short, dark, thick hair that she trims with nail scissors, being generally uninterested in her physical appearance.

What happens to Kinsey Millhone?

Kinsey survived the accident but has never gotten over the trauma of losing her parents at such an early age. Kinsey went to live with her Aunt Gin, her mother’s sister, who was also estranged from the family and living alone in Santa Teresa.

Will there ever be a Sue Grafton Z book?

Sue Grafton’s ‘Z Is for Zero’ Will Remain an Unwritten Mystery. Sue Grafton’s Z novel was meant to be the final book in her bestselling “alphabet” mystery series, but what would come next for the author was still unclear — even to her.

What should I read if I like Janet Evanovich?

10 Funny Mystery Authors Like Janet Evanovich

  • Kellye Garrett. Series: Detective by Day.
  • Liliana Hart. Series: Addison Holmes.
  • Leslie Langtry. Series: Merry Wraith series.
  • Jess Lourey. Series: Mira James AKA Murder by The Month.
  • Stephanie Bond. Series: Body Movers.
  • Karen MacInerney. Series: Margie Peterson.
  • H.Y.
  • Catherine Bruns.

What is the last Kinsey Millhone book?

Z is for Zero
Her last book, “Z is for Zero,” was scheduled for release in fall 2019, according to the author’s website.

Is Sue Grafton death?

December 28, 2017Sue Grafton / Date of death

What was Sue Grafton’s cause of death?

Sue Grafton, a prolific author of detective novels known for an alphabetically titled series that began in 1982 with “A Is for Alibi,” died on Thursday night in Santa Barbara, Calif. She was 77. Her daughter Jamie Clark, announcing the death on the author’s website and Facebook page, said Ms. Grafton had cancer.

Should Sue Grafton books be read in order?

You do not need to read the Sue Grafton books in order. Strictly speaking, they are standalones, however they are strongly sequential. There are many recurring incidents, themes, and developments in the books.

Is Stephanie Plum a cozy mystery?

I agree that the Plum series is not quite cozy but so so funny. I think this is why most of us continue with the series, not for the mystery but for the crazy humor. I am up to #16 so still have a few books to catch up on.

What books are similar to the Stephanie Plum series?

Authors to check out if you like Janet Evanovich’s “Stephanie…

  • Hollywood Homicide – Kellye Garrett (e-book & audio book)
  • Whiskey Rebellion – Liliana Hart (e-book & audio book)
  • Merit Badge Murder – Leslie Langtry (e-book)
  • May Day – Jess Lourey (e-book)
  • Body Movers – Stephanie Bond (e-book & audio book)