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Is the Stumpjumper a good bike?

Is the Stumpjumper a good bike?

The Stumpjumper is capable of more on the descents than you would think and the Evo is more efficient on the climbs than you’d expect. So, which bike should you buy? The Stumpjumper is for those who want a light, efficient bike for going on long rides, both uphill as well as downhill.

How much does a Stumpjumper bike cost?

The New Stumpjumper The new Stumpy lands in six models: two aluminum priced at $2,199 and $3,199, and four carbon selling for $3,999, $4,699, $6,999 and $9,499.

What type of bike is Specialised Stumpjumper?

THE ULTIMATE (ALLOY) TRAIL BIKE Shaped by everything we’ve learned from 40 years of building Stumpjumpers, the alloy Stumps are 100% purebred, cutting edge trail bikes. A look under the hood bears this out: they employ the same benchmark geo, Rx-Tuned suspension, ride quality, and S-sizing as their carbon siblings.

What is a Specialized Stumpjumper used for?

Hit the Trails with a Specialized Stumpjumper Bicycle. When you need a bicycle that can handle ascents, descents, and the sharp turns of trail riding, a Specialized Stumpjumper is an ideal choice. You can find these bikes, made specifically for mountain trail riding, on eBay at the most affordable prices.

Does the Stumpjumper climb well?

It was designed to be a true all-terrain bike, capable of going anywhere and everywhere. The 2021 Stumpjumper has very similar intentions to the original. It’s designed to climb and descend well. To be a well-rounded every day trail tool capable of taking you out and back, up and down and everywhere in between.

What does Stumpjumper mean?

Stump jumpers, also called blade pans, are made to minimize damage to rotary mower blades from foreign objects like roots, stumps and rocks that dull or chip your blades. A stump jumper is the center part of the thick metal blades that spin underneath a rotary mower to accomplish difficult clearing tasks.

Is the Stumpjumper a trail bike?

The standard Stumpjumper delivers on the promise of being the ultimate trail bike. The Stumpjumper ST pairs its new design with short chainstays to give riders a more nimble ride. The Stumpjumper EVO is designed for more aggressive downhill riders.

What is a Stumpjumper mountain bike?

The Specialized Stumpjumper is a mountain bike produced by Specialized Bicycle Components. When it was first produced in 1981, the Stumpjumper was the first mass-production mountain bike. The Stumpjumper is still in production, although its design has changed significantly since it was first sold.

What is a Stumpjumper MTB?

Is a Stumpjumper a trail bike?

How heavy is the Specialized Stumpjumper weight?


Price GBP £2500.00
Weight 14.96kg (S4) – without pedals
Brand Specialized

What type of mountain bike is a Stumpjumper?

The Stumpjumper family is one of the biggest and broadest around. This bike is the top of the range 27.5-wheel bike with 150mm of travel front and rear. For the same price, you can also get the ST version of this bike with 130mm of travel front and rear.