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Is the savanna view worth it at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Is the savanna view worth it at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

They are viewable from the lobby, the hallways and even many of the rooms. Paying extra for a better view (especially considering how much a trip to Disney World can cost), is rarely worth it in the realm of family travel, but at Animal Kingdom Lodge, a savanna-view upgrade is absolutely worth consideration.

What is the difference between Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge and Jambo House?

Jambo House is ideal for those who want everything in one place. It offers deluxe room accommodations as well as villas. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, also known as Kidani Village, offers studio accommodations as well as one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom villas.

Where are the DVC rooms in Jambo House?

Where are the villa rooms located? Disney Vacation Club villas are located on the 5th floor and 6th floors of Jambo House (the original Animal Kingdom Lodge building.) Kidani Village is an entirely separate facility constructed in 2009. All guest rooms at Kidani Village are DVC villas.

Can you see animals from Animal Kingdom villas?

Animal Kingdom Lodge is an African themed resort built on a 33-acre wildlife preserve with three savannas, and over 30 species of wildlife. We always book a savanna-view room, which means that we are able to see animals outside our porch door.

Where are the standard view rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Hotel wise, the standard view rooms will be of the parking area/front of hotel or of rooftop and service areas.

Can you walk from Jambo to kidani?

The walk from Jambo House to Kidani Village is super easy and will take about 10-15 minutes. The walking path is lush and pretty well shaded. And it’s a great amenity for guests of Animal Kingdom Lodge who are staying in one building and want to check out the other.

Is Boma at Kidani or Jambo?

Jambo House
For table service and buffets, Jiko – The Cooking Place and Boma – Flavors of Africa are located at Jambo House. Sanaa is located at Kidani Village.

Can Jambo House use kidani pool?

You can walk to the on-site Kidani pool and you can also use the one at Jambo House.

Does Jambo House have DVC?

Jambo House (the original Animal Kingdom Lodge) has both Disney Vacation Club (DVC) rooms and regular guest rooms.

Can you see animals from Jambo House?

When staying at Jambo House, the most coveted rooms are on the Arusha Savanna (here you’ll see animals such as giraffes, Ankole cattle, zebras, and wildebeests). On this savanna, there are two trails to choose from: The Zebra and the Kudu.

Do giraffes come to your window at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

And while Disney’s Animal Kingdom already offers some incredible animal experiences, the Animal Kingdom Lodge takes your experience to a whole new level with wild animals wandering right outside your window. Honey, grab the camera there’s a giraffe outside!