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Is the Piper Cherokee 180 a good plane?

Is the Piper Cherokee 180 a good plane?

The Piper Archer, aka the Cherokee 180, is a four place, low wing, single-engine airplane. It is a common upgrade from entry-model trainers. Slow with unremarkable handling characteristics, the Piper Archer is a safe, stable plane, that is easy to land even on short runways.

How far can a Piper Cherokee 180 fly?

Where to Find the Mods

Piper Cherokee 180 Price as tested: $40,000
Service ceiling 13,000 ft
Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle 1,150 ft
Landing distance, ground roll 600 ft

Is Piper a good plane?

All of the 180 hp PA-28s are good, stable aircraft and make good instrument aircraft as well. All of the PA-28-180/181 aircraft are great airplanes. Some have been modified with aerodynamic enhancements that allow these older Archers to rival the speed of the Archer IIs with the factory speed wheel pants.

How much does a Piper Cherokee 180 cost?

Piper Cherokee 180 Price Report

Avg. Price $69,665
High Price $99,900
Low Price $39,500
Year Range 1963 – 1973
Avg. TTAF 4,628 hours

What is the range of a Cherokee 180?

roughly 660 miles
With a range of 5 hours at 75% power, equal to roughly 660 miles, the Piper Cherokee 180 can take you places. Plus, with only 775 feet required for a takeoff roll (and it can land in 600 feet), it can get in to places, too.

How fast is a Piper 180?

150 mphPiper PA-28-180 Cherokee / Top speed

What is the safest single engine plane?

Diamond DA40 NG As one of the safest single-engine airplanes in the world, the Diamond DA40 NG has one of the best safety records among its competitors in the segment; over a decade of operation, the variant has only one fatal accident per 1,000 aircraft years.

Why is Piper owned by Brunei?

This rumor was apparently based on talks Piper had in China aimed at achieving a licensing agreement for some of its older planes. But sometime after these talks collapsed, the Sultan of Brunei decided to no longer fund the jet project, and at that point, Imprimis and the Sultanate of Brunei decided to part company.

What is the cruise speed of a Cherokee 180?

Piper Cherokee Specs (180, 1965)

Cherokee 180 Useful load – std (lbs): 1107
Cruise speed (kts): 75% 118
Fuel Consumption (gph): 75% 9.5-10.0
Best rate of climb, SL (fpm): 750
Maximum Operating Altitude (ft): 16,400

How much does it cost to fill up a Piper Cherokee?

between $150 to $200
Additionally, the Piper Cherokee has a 36-gallon fuel capacity when empty. So depending on the current price of aviation fuel, it costs between $150 to $200 to fill up and that will last you about 4 to 5 hours worth of flight time.