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Is TAMKO a good shingle?

Is TAMKO a good shingle?

TAMKO is a quality shingle and ranks the highest in my book. Ten years ago, I used a mixture of CertainTeed, GAF, TAMKO and Owens Corning. I switched to TAMKO first because of color choices. I always thought TAMKO had the best colors on the market.

Are TAMKO shingles discontinued?

After a deluge of consumer complaints, including premature cracking, curling, and delamination , Tamko has discontinued their Lamarite Slate product. That means your Lamarite roof isn’t doing its job of protecting your home, family, and possessions.

What is the most popular roof shingle color?

Gray siding is one of the most popular colors to use today, and you will often see people pair it with a dark roof. However, with gray being neutral, you can go with any dark color, including dark grays, blues, greens, or even black.

What colors do TAMKO shingles come in?

Vivid color. Dramatic style.

  • Autumn Brown.
  • Black Walnut.
  • Harvest Gold.
  • Mountain Slate.
  • Natural Timber.
  • Painted Desert.
  • Thunderstorm Grey.

Is TAMKO better than CertainTeed?

CertainTeed shingles are better than their counterpart Tamko shingles. They may be comparable in terms of product performance and cost, but CertainTeed has a clear edge in impact resistance. Also, much more is offered by CertainTeed in terms of the warranty, roofer support, and customer service.

Which shingles are better TAMKO or Owens Corning?

Owens Corning shingles are better than Tamko Heritage shingles because they last longer and have a higher wind resistance. A new installation method can overcome a 20 MPH difference in shingle wind-resistance. Both brands of roofing shingle get good reviews from both contractors and home inspectors.

How long will TAMKO Heritage shingles last?

All Heritage shingles come with a 10-year non-prorated period which TAMKO calls the Full Start™ period. Our new Limited Lifetime Warranty is just one reason homeowners and builders choose TAMKO. A trusted source in the building industry for 75 years. For more details on coverage specifics, see the chart below.

What is the warranty on TAMKO shingles?

At TAMKO, all of our architectural asphalt shingles come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that includes a 10-year Full Start® non-prorated warranty period, during which the cost of replacement shingles and the labor for their installation are covered (excluding the labor cost for tear-off, removal and disposal of the …

What is the most popular roof color 2021?

Overall, top roof color trends for 2021 will be black, gray, silver and bronze. These hues provide plenty of contrast for many house styles and designs.

What color shingles last the longest?

Both light-colored and dark-colored shingles can last longer if given the necessary maintenance. The only thing tested and proven about light-colored shingles is that they help us keep the indoor temperature cooler in the hot summer season.

What class is TAMKO heritage?

Class 4 Impact
TAMKO Building Products, Inc. is expanding its popular Heritage® line of laminated asphalt shingles to include a new Heritage® IR shingle. The innovative new reinforced shingle is classified by the Underwriters Laboratories for compliance with UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance.

What does TAMKO mean?

On September 5, 1944, TAMKO was officially born when founders E.L. and Mary Ethel Craig named their new roofing company “TAMKO” as an acronym of the first letters of the states they believed would be their sales territory – Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.