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Is Sunan Al Tirmidhi?

Is Sunan Al Tirmidhi?

He wrote al-Jami` as-Sahih (known as Jami` at-Tirmidhi), one of the six canonical hadith compilations in Sunni Islam….Al-Tirmidhi.

Born 824/ 209 AH Termez, now Surxondaryo Region, Uzbekistan
Died 9 October 892/ 13 Rajab 279 AH (aged 70) Termez, now Surxondaryo Region, Uzbekistan
Religion Islam
Era Islamic golden age

How many hadith are there in Jami Tirmidhi?

3956 ahadith
With 3956 ahadith, Jami` At-Tirmidhi is an invaluable addition to any person`s library of hadith collection. Imam Abu Ismail `Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Ansari in Harrah said about this book: `To me, his book is better than the book of Al-Bukhari and that of Muslim.

Who wrote Al Tirmidhi?

al-Tirmidhī, in full Abū ʿĪsā Muḥammad ibn ʿĪsā ibn Sawrah ibn Shaddād al-Tirmidhī, (died c. 892), Arab scholar and author of one of the six canonical collections of spoken traditions (Hadith) attributed to the Prophet Muhammad. The life of al-Tirmidhī is poorly documented.

What is the full name of Imam Tirmidhi?

Muhammad ibn `Isa at-TirmidhiAl-Tirmidhi / Full name

When was tirmidhi born?

824 ADAl-Tirmidhi / Date of birth

Who wrote Sunan Ibn Majah?

Ibn MajahSunan ibn Majah / Author

Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Yazeed al-Rabei al-Qazwini, known as Ibn Majah, is considered one of the pioneers and imams of the Hadith. He was born in Qazvin in the year 209 AH (824 AD) and died in Ramadan in 273 AH (886 AD).

Who wrote Sahih Al Bukhari?

Muḥammad ibn Ismā’īl al-Bukhārī
Sahih al-Bukhari

Author Muḥammad ibn Ismā’īl al-Bukhārī
Language Arabic
Series Kutub al-Sittah
Subject Hadith
Genre Hadith collection

Where is Al Tirmidhi from?

Termez, UzbekistanAl-Tirmidhi / Place of birth

What is Ibn Majah full name?

Abū ʻAbdillāh Muḥammad ibn Yazīd Ibn Mājah al-Rabʻī al-QazwīnIbn Majah / Full name

Is Bukhari Sunni or Shia?

Muhammad al-Bukhari

Muḥammad ibn Ismā’īl al-Bukhārī
Denomination Sunni
Jurisprudence Ijtihad (in disputes)
Creed Athari Kullabi
Main interest(s) Hadith, Aqidah