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Is Sun Mountain a good golf brand?

Is Sun Mountain a good golf brand?

Five Sun Mountain golf bags have been awarded 2019 Golf Digest Hot List awards for best golf bags.

What does LS mean on Sun Mountain golf bags?

Lightweight Series
Sun Mountain Lightweight Series (LS) golf stand bags offer a full range of features and options to please the individual golfer’s preferences. Bags include the minimalist’s 2.5+ that weighs under three pounds, 3.5LS, and 4.5LS. With each progressively larger number comes additional pockets and features.

Why are Sun Mountain golf bags good?

Sun Mountain are the design innovator when it comes to golf bags; they actually design and manufacture golf bags for well known brands. Sun Mountain golf bags are built to last, the Sun Mountain H2no staff bags are waterproof, the Sun Mountain C130 cart bag is perfectly balanced for and cart.

What is the standard size of a golf bag?

If you add clubs, you can expect a bag to be around 50 inches tall. The exact height of your bag will depend on what kind of clubs you’re carrying. However, you probably won’t ever surpass 50 inches using conventional clubs. The diameter of a standard bag is usually 10 inches.

Who owns Sun Mountain golf?

Solace Capital Partners
Sun Mountain, an industry leader in golf bags, push carts and outerwear for some 40 years, has been acquired by Solace Capital Partners.

How much do Sun Mountain golf bags weigh?

Three decades later, the innovations just keep on coming, with Sun Mountain’s bags getting ever lighter and becoming increasingly easy to carry. The company’s latest offering is the Lightweight Series, or LS—four models ranging in weight from an incredible 2.5 lbs. to 5.5 lbs.

Is the Sun Mountain C130 good on a push cart?

Does The Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag Work On A Push Cart? One of the great things about how the Smart Strap system attaches to the golf bag is that it works for a push cart. With more and more golfers looking to walk the golf course, the combination of a great cart bag that is also good for walking can be very powerful.

Are there different size golf bags?

Depending on the model and design, golf bags vary widely in size. The biggest golf bags, specifically designed for golf professionals and instructors, weigh up to 12 pounds and feature 10 or more pockets, 9-10 inch top size, and can hold a full set of golf clubs along with training aids.

How heavy should my golf bag be?

Meaning, to prevent injury, your backpack (or golf bag, in our case) should weigh no more than 20 percent of your total bodyweight. Following the backpacker’s guideline, and being a bigger guy at 6 feet, 3 inches and 210 pounds, that means my golf bag shouldn’t weigh more than 42 pounds.

Is Sun Mountain Made in USA?

Sun Mountain is a pioneer in the golf industry, revolutionizing golf bags, golf outerwear and golf carts. From our home base in Missoula, Montana we continue to devote ourselves to developing the refined and innovative products that have made Sun Mountain the top golf bag company in North America.

Where is Sun Mountain made?

Missoula, Montana
Sun Mountain Sports, often referred to simply as Sun Mountain, is an American manufacturer of golf equipment based in Missoula, Montana.