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Is SpyHunter a good antivirus?

Is SpyHunter a good antivirus?

In testing, SpyHunter successfully eliminated active malware, and the included hands-on remote-control remediation proved useful. But it definitely won’t replace your existing antivirus, and other cleanup-only tools, even free ones, have proved to be more effective at thoroughly cleaning up malware infestations.

Does SpyHunter remove viruses for free?

SpyHunter can be used free-of-charge to detect and remove malware and other objects. We also offer free users the ability to remove detected cookies from their computers at no charge.

Is SpyHunter better than McAfee?

Final notes: No matter how attractive and versatile McAfee Antivirus looks, we recommend SpyHunter. It provides the highest protection against the most active malware, ransomware and potentially unwanted programs.

Can I uninstall SpyHunter?

In the “Apps & features” list, find and left-click “SpyHunter 5.” Once “SpyHunter 5” is highlighted, click on the “Uninstall” button. 4. Click “Uninstall” in the “This app and related info will be uninstalled” prompt generated by Windows.

What’s the best free anti-spyware?

Best Malware and Spyware Removal Tools

  • 1) TotalAV.
  • 2) Outbyte PC Repair.
  • 3) Restoro PC Repair Tool.
  • 4) Advanced SystemCare.
  • 5) System Mechanic.
  • 6) AVG Free Antivirus.
  • 7) Malwarebytes Adwcleaner.
  • 8) Avast Free Antivirus.

Can SpyHunter remove ransomware?

SpyHunter is also capable of removing Trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, etc. Malwarebytes is one of the modern solutions to crushing malware. Their home or business products can delete WannaCry ransomware.

What is the best free anti spyware?

Which antivirus is best for Trojan?

Top 3 Antivirus Programs for Defending Against Trojans

  1. Norton. Norton (see user reviews) is a globally recognized and trusted security suite with an impressive 100% detection rate.
  2. Bitdefender.
  3. Avira.